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Void, born with the name Velkora, is a Dark Being of immense power.



Very little is known about his past. When he was born he was named Velkora. He was born in the Abyss, a swirling hole in Reality. Like all Dark Beings, he escaped the Abyss. He then proceeded to conquer many planets, including Terra Magna, where a team of Great Beings was living. When he tried to destroy them, they fled the area and hid. Velkora conquered many universes, until the Great Beings deemed him too powerful.


The Great Beings knew that the Dark Beings could not live. They set out and found all the Great Beings they could, and proceeded to slaughter every Dark Being they could find. Velkora managed to evade capture, and went back into the Abyss. The Great Beings then sealed the Abyss shut, knowing that more Dark Beings could be born. Inside, Velkora destroyed the source that made all Dark Beings, the Void Matrix. That, he knew, would make him the sole Dark Being in the entire Multiverse. Then he went into a deep slumber, slowly drawing energy from the Abyss until he could awaken and escape.


1,000,000 years later, Velkora awoke in the Abyss. He had drained it of all it's power, and it would soon be subject to a core meltdown. He knew that if he could escape, he could harness the power from the implosion and become infinitely powerful. He focused hard, and ripped a hole in reality. Then he flew out of the void to a nearby meteor to watch. The Abyss suddenly unleashed a surge of energy. Then it collapsed in on itself. Velkora quickly flew at it. He stopped just a few feet from the mass of energy and used his power of energy absorbtion to suck the energy from the Abyss. He became charged with dark twisted energy. That was the day he became Void, and the day when the very universe knew true fear.

Unlimited Power[]

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Abilities and Traits[]

Void is a ruthless and cold blooded killer. He would not hesitate to destroy an entire planet if he thought it was necessary. He is also a ticking time bomb of unbridled rage, waiting to explode and destroy an entire galaxy.

Void, like all Dark Beings, has reality warping abilities. He can rip holed in the fabric of reality, and manipulate things to his liking. However, because of his power from the destroyed Abyss, his abilities are infinitely more powerful than any Dark Being's. He can also absorb the souls of other, gaining their powers and leaving them lifeless shells.


Shining Darkness (BZP Epic (unreleased))