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"Someday, my allies shall call me Void, after this place. But my enemies shall call me Death, so take care not to be one of those enemies."
―Void to Fyxon [src]
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Void's Organization
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Base of Void's Organization

Void is an artificially created duplicate of Nightwatcher. He works for an unidentified faction.


Void's body was created in 890 AGC by an unidentified faction from Nightwatcher's organic tissue, which had been retrieved by Ora during the Purge. The organization wanted to use the genetic material one of the most powerful mortal beings in the universe. They attached a device to him which allowed them to kill him should he ever become a threat to their designs.

His spirit was kept in the confusion dimension by his masters until the time which he should be needed, which was in fact a test to see how Void would take advantage of his powers. At some point, he contacted Fyxon, and ordered him to learn what even he could not: what the secret of Baterra Magnus was.

He was freed from the Oblivion Dimension once the body's creation was complete, and was sent to recruit beings across the multiverse to act as spies for his organization.

On one mission, he attempted to manipulate Shayla into going after Nightwatcher, as he had not been permitted by his masters to "interfere directly." He murdered a pair of Vandrox who were guiding her, as he believed there was a chance they could interfere in his plans, and then created a miniature fortress, filled with information about Nightwatcher which Shayla could use to fight him with, along with a spaceship. He then watched as she traveled to Noctxia Magna.

Meanwhile, Shayla was captured by the Brotherhood of Fear, and Void decided that Shayla required additional allies. As a result, he revived Necuas and took him to his home universe, convincing him that he should follow Void's instructions. He then ordered him to discreetly gather a group of seven beings to battle Nightwatcher.

Void watched as Nightwatcher defeated the team that had come after him, but was disappointed when he failed to kill Shayla, which (for unknown reasons) had been the entire purpose of the plan.

Abilities and traits[]

Void has been engineered to change forms alongside Nightwatcher, and inherit all of Nightwatcher's powers as he does so. In addition, he possesses immense Aura and Psionics powers, as well as the ability to revive the dead.


  • If Nightwatcher were to die, Void would die as well. However, Void does not know this.
  • The picture in the infobox is incorrect, as Void does not have Nightwatcher's green eyes; instead, they are orange. This is likely the only physical difference between the two beings.