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Is the Makuta of Nexca Nui.


Joined the BoM when Teridax took over from Miserix. She was an aide to Mutran at first when she joined, but later became the Makuta of Nynrah a few years before the cataclysm. She later founded an alliance within the Brotherhood called the Nexensis, on the island of the same name. She and the other eleven members of the team departed to Karda Nui to prevent the Toa Nuva from awakening Mata Nui. The members divided their forces and two more Makuta teams were formed: Mistika and Phantoka. The only members remaining with Vitiosus in the Nexensis club were: Viridis (new deputy head in the club), Nivius, Rutilus, Crocinus and Atra. They patrolled the western side of the Swamp of Secrets and the Mistika prowled the eastern side, while the Phantoka prepared to welcome the Toa Nuva in the sky. The Mistika and Nexensis were mutated by the swamp's water into hideous winged creatures. They lost the ability to communicate through telepathy and they could no longer shapeshift, so they quickly lost touch with the Phantoka. She headed to warn the Phantoka with the rest of the Nexensis. The Phantoka already knew, and later, she, along with the other Nexensis escaped death by the Energy Storms, and went to Atrox for help with the others. She agreed to join them, and they split up, Vitiosus, Crocinus and Atrox headed to confront Teridax in Metru Nui.

However, en route to Metru Nui, Teridax was killed by Mata Nui, and the universe start to destroy itself. Vitiosus and Crocinus fled to Spherus Magna, leaving Atrox to her fate in the Matoran Universe. Vitiosus was injured by falling debris as she tried to escape, and was presumeably crushed to death when a tunnel in the Mangaia collapsed on top of her.

Powers and abilities[]

Can increase the amount of moisture in the ground around her until it turns into quicksand. She has several of her Kraata powers remaining, including shapeshifting.


Was green before being mutated by the swamp. When she was mutated by the swamp water she grew ugly silver spikes out of her armour and she turned blue.

Mask and tools[]

Wears a Kanohi Mask of Necromancy. It is unknown what tools she had before mutation, but now she carries two Wing Swords, which she can use to fly.


  • Vitiosus is ironically a pun on the word virtuous, but is also Latin for vicious.

Nexensis (v|e)

Leader/founder: Vitiosus (founder, deceased)  • Viridis

Members: Crocinus (deputy)  • Astoria  • Atrox  • Reyuanii  • Irinax  • Sangrinus  • Saurakai  • Chajon

Former members: Icarax  • Antroz  • Krika  • Bitil  • Vamprah  • Chirox  • Gorast  • Mutran  • Atra  •Nivius  • Rutilus (all deceased)

Servants: Destrus  • Cutl  • Rahkshi  • Nexensian Templar Order