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"Listen to me, bucket of sentient bolts! I suggest you tell me what you know, unless you want to...uh, not know whatever it is you know anymore!"
―Visorak-Kal, A Keerakh's Tale

Visorak-Kal was once a Vohtarak who was exposed to Energized Protodermis. He later became a Dark Hunter.


He was once a Vohtarak, and was involved in an incident where the Brotherhood of Makuta were trying to make a better Visorak. However, they exposed him to Energized Protodermis and he became a powerful, intelligent being. He smashed out of Destral and was trying to steal a boat, but a savage Dark Hunter calledLekaxx attacked and knocked him out. Lekaxx stole the boat to take the semiconscious Visorak-Kal to Odina. He then told the Shadowed One that Visorak-Kal might be useful. The Shadowed One agreed to test him in the training arena, and he proved to be good at fighting, so he was recruited into the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters[]

He sneaked into Metru Nui with Lekaxx during the Visorak invasion, where a group of sentient Vahki found him. He grabbed the leader (Bordakh) and forced him to reveal everything he knew about Metru Nui to him and Lekaxx. Then they returned to Odina. The Shadowed One ordered them to travel to Xia. In an abandoned factory, a Makuta called Darkraxx was trying to create weapons for an attack on Odina. Lekaxx and Visorak-Kal burst in and Visorak-Kal fought Darkraxx. Darkraxx won but Lekaxx destroyed the factory by using telekenesis to rip a ton of earth out of the floor. He dropped the earth on top of the factory from a height of 50 feet. Visorak-Kal slammed into Darkraxx from behind, knocking him to the floor, and both Dark Hunters escaped into the shadows.

Visorak Horde (formerly), Dark Hunters (formerly) Dark Organisation
Dark Hunter
Claws, Rhotuka
Darkri Nui

Brotherhood of Makuta-Dark Hunter War[]

During the war, Visorak-Kal and Lekaxx left the Dark Hunters to join Darkraxx's Dark Organisation. A few Dark Hunters were dispatched to bring them back, but they were absorbed by Darkraxx, who then changed into his more powerful 'Darkraxx X' form. Darkraxx recruited a few more members, and then he went to battle Multicolour and his team. His armour was destroyed by Vorzex, and his Antidermis floated into an unseen chamber, where Visorak-Kal and the other Organisation members helped him into his spare body. Then they travelled to the Southern Continent and built a small city on a barren island called Darkri Nui.

The Dark City[]

Kirvak brought Multicolour to Darkraxx's city, and Visorak-Kal and Lekaxx helped him to bring Multicolour in. Darkraxx attempted to feed him to the Skorpiox, but Multicolour escaped via his Olmak Armour. Multicolour stunned Lekaxx on the way out, but Visorak-Kal arrived to help him up. Recently, he was sent with Lekaxx to find the Power Crystal of Air in Tesara. However, Spydra recovered it for them, but then proceeded to absorb Lekaxx into his own mass. He then teleported Visorak-Kal back to Darkraxx with the Power Crystal.