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Virus is a tertiary Elemental Power.


Virus is an Element granting its user control over diseases and microbial forms of life. It is mostly based on corrosive and corruptive powers that can alter any given substance and/or entity.

Often considered as immoral, this Element is generally frowned upon in the Matoran Universe ; although a benevolent user could hypothetically use their powers in a reversed manner, to cure diseases rather than spread them.

No Ve-Matoran has been known to naturally come into existence, however there seems to be no reason why one couldn't potentially be artificially created. It is to be assumed that, like any other Matoran, such a being could evolve into a Toa of Virus and then a Turaga of Virus.

Species Wielders[]


  • Ve-Matoran represent the Element of Virus. Although they cannot access their Elemental Power, the minuscule amount of Virus Energy that their body contains allows them to be more resilient to sickness.
  • Toa of Air possess the Elemental Power of Virus, allowing them to acces any and all power related to their element.
  • Turaga of Air possess small remnants of Virus Energy.


  • A Skakdi of Virus would only be able to access their power if associated with another Skakdi, or if they carried a device that channeled their Element Power, allowing them to use it independently.


  • Some Makuta are known to possess Elemental Virus powers to a varying extant, often leading them to work on creating microbes, bacteria and viruses.


  • Creating viruses, microbes and bacteria
  • Controlling viruses, microbes and bacteria
  • Spreading / Stopping any type of disease
  • Infecting / Curing Kanohi
  • Poisoning / Curing anything
  • Creating Antidermis
  • Increased resilience to any kind of sickness

Known Users[]