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Virr are albino skrall.

AVIRR A Male Virr
Power(s) None
Location(s) Bara magna,Spherus magna(formerly)
Status N/A
Pronunciation VERR


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The Skrall once fought in the Core War before the Shattering destroyed Spherus Magna. After the cataclysmic event, they were cut off from their homeland, and began conquering the area north of the Black Spike Mountains. They soon came under attack by mysterious shapeshifters they dubbed Baterra. Unable to fight these powerful beings, the Skrall found their ranks decimated, and all but one of their leader class destroyed.

One year ago, Tuma, the only remaining leader of the Rock Tribe, ordered a massive migration south to the wastelands of Bara Magna. Tuma abandoned the female Skrall members, who survived in the area. He eventually forced the Skrall into the Glatorian system, competing with other tribes for resources and other valuables.

Skrall soon began imprisoning Agori, Glatorian, and the bestial Vorox in Roxtus, in order to use them for their own purposes. Tuma ordered the Skrall to take the Vorox out monthly, in order to test for the migration of Baterra.

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Around the same time tuma banished all Albino skrall, or Virr, Wich means "ghost" in skrall language, much the same way he had left the female skrall to the battera.


  • Virr are shunned and hated by normal male skrall.
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