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Order of Mata Nui
Spear, Zamor Launcher

Vinacus is Hikkathax working for the Order of Mata Nui.


Vinacus and his "brother", Aracus, were defenders of the island of Kiffax. over the years, there were countless invasions, but they all failed. Vinacus and his brother were then approached by two more of their species, Axale and Hacksis. The two then offered them positions in the Order of Mata Nui, and the two brothers joined the organisation. One of his missions involved stealing an Olmak from the Brotherhood of Makuta. Vinacus later found an armour chip created by Makuta Xidok, and gave the chip to another one of his species, Scarax, who then implanted the chip into Toa Taram's armour.

Teridax's Riegn[]

When Daxia was destroyed, Vinacus, Aracus, Axale and Hacksis managed to survive, and left the island to find help.

Much later, Vinacus, Hacksis and Aracus ecaped the Matoran Universe and onto Bara Magna, where they participated in the battle taking place there. During the battle, Vinacus was drawn into combat with the Skakdi Buruhn. However, Buruhn defeated the Hikkathax, and was about to kill him when the Glatorian Kurez saved him by blowing the Skakdi back with a blast of air. Buruhn was outmatched by the two, and was defeated. The battle was later won by Mata Nui and his forces, with Teridax having been killed by a falling fragment of Aqua Magna.

After Spherus Magna's reformation, Vinacus made friends with his saviour, Kurez, along with the Agori Helius.

Dark Mirror[]

When Toa Tuyet ordered an invasion of Kiffax, Vinacus, along with many other Hikkathax, defended the island. However, the Hikkathax were overwelmed by the Toa, and Vinacus died trying to defend the island.

Abilities & Traits[]

Vinacus is a fierce warrior, and can be strict at times. He is also very accurate with a Zamor Launcher. Vinacus is a cold and cunning member of the Order of Mata Nui, willing to do any task he is assigned, no mater how dirty his hands get in the process.

Mask & Tools[]

Vinacus wears a Matatu, mask of Telekinesis. He also wields a Zamor Launcher and a Spear.