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Rahkshi Hordika
Group Order of Mata Nui
Powers Electricity, Light (formerly)
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Vil-ROCK

Vilrohk is a mutant Kraata and member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Vilrohk was a normal Kraata until Morvax, chief scientist of the Order of Mata Nui, experimented on him. The result was a being of intelligence far superior to the average Kraata and with more refined powers. However, Vilrohk soon began to question his existence and purpose.

Being too obstinate to be useful to him, Morvax declared Vilrohk a failure and considered exterminating him, but Helryx intervened and took him under her wing. Finding a new purpose in serving the Order, Vilrohk received a powerful custom suit and began to participate in missions.

Destiny War

During the war between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui, Vilrohk was sent to the Pit to capture the Barraki Carapar and Takadox, to force them to be part of a suicide mission. To delve into the mutagenic waters he required several modifications to his armor.

After fulfilling his mission and being rescued from the Pit, Vilrohk assisted in capturing the Makuta Spiriah. He then returned to the Pit with a message to Hydraxon, ordering him to free the other Barraki to fight on the Order's behalf.

Subsequently, Vilrohk traveled to Metru Nui to assist the other newly installed agents there. In his stay in the city he faced the Dark Hunter Voporak, who had just robbed the Kanohi Vahi from the Coliseum. Voporak's temporal field disrupted Vilrohk's biomechanical suit and incapacitated it, forcing him to discard it.

While Makuta Teridax was in control of the universe, Vilrohk remained hidden in the Archives of Onu-Metru. Since he did not have his armor and appeared to be any other mutant of the museum, he was ignored by everyone in the city.

After Teridax's death, Vilrohk was rescued from the Archives and transferred to Spherus Magna, where he was provided with a new suit.

The Invasion

When the Chorak invaded the planet, Vilrohk was hired by Veuy and grouped with Deriahk and the Dark Hunter Frustrator on a mission to obtain the legendary Kanohi Mask of Wishes, and end the invasion.

In their search for the last owner of the mask, Glatorian Ganiaz, the three went to the forest and burst into the cave of Zakkond. Zakkond immediately confronted them, demanding that they leave his cave, but the team managed to defeat him and interrogate him.

Later, the three crossed with an endangered Matoran and rescued him. This Matoran guided them to Ganiaz, who offered that someone face her for the mask. Vilrohk accepted the challenge and faced Ganiaz, beating her and winning the Kanohi Gebuk as a prize. Deriahk ordered the mask to be sent to Vavakx immediately, but the Matoran they had rescued earlier revealed his true identity: Nutrex. The Makuta, after killing Ganiaz and defeating the rest of the team, escaped with the mask.

Upon awakening, Frustrator decided to reveal his true identity, Makuta Pakark, and teleport Vilrohk and Deriahk back to the shelter. When they arrived, Nutrex had already carried out his plan, reviving the mythical Hantrek.

In order to be able to stop Hantrek, Vavakx sent Vilrohk and Deriahk in search of the destines user of the Mask of Wishes in the Dark Hunters' camp. Upon arrival, both were attacked by Airwatcher and a Hordika Dragon. They defeated the Hunters and The Shadowed One appeared to negotiate with them. With nothing else to offer, Deriahk revealed the identity of "Frustrator" as Makuta Pakark, and offered his life in exchange for Kapokhed, the destined user. The Shadowed One accepted the deal and sent Kapokhed to the refuge.

Vilrohk then returned with Deriahk to the ruins of the refuge, and Kapokhed arrived as they had agreed. At that moment a patrol of Chorak attacked, and Vilrohk helped to repel them. At the end of the battle, Kanohi Gebuk placed itself on Kapokhed's faceand he transmitted a vision about Vavakx, who was imprisoned in Metru Magna by the Chorak, now allied with Hantrek.

Vilrohk then participated in the mission at the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters to rescue Vavakx. After a few minutes of battle against several Chorak soldiers, the security system of the building was activated and began a self-destruct sequence. The group encountered the Chorak King Cerverus and finally made peace to escape.

On the outskirts of the building, Vilrohk and the others met with Deriahk and Vavakx, who confirmed that Hantrek had died. With this, Kapokhed began to manifest the power of Kanohi Gebuk to ensure an era of peace for the survivors.

After the war, Vilrohk was promoted from servant of the Order of Mata Nui to a full member and helped in the reconstruction of Metru Magna.

Old Grievances

Several years later, the city of Metru Magna was under attack by the Alpha Being Mersny, who made his appearance from the Red Star, causing it to impact against the city.

With an army of monstrosities at his disposal, Mersny began to make his way to assassinate Vavakx, who was sheltered in an underground bunker. Vilrohk and Morvax fought together to repel the enemy horde, but Mersny surprised them, using his magnetic powers to kill Morvax and destroy Vilrohk's armor.

Knowing that Mersny was looking for Vavakx, Vilrohk went to the subterranean bunker and helped in rescuing him, being teleported to a camp.

Soon Vavakx, determined to confront Mersny once and for all, left the camp while Vilrohk and the others were forced once again to confront Mersny's army, which was on its way.

The resulting battle was fierce, and Vilrohk was unable to resist for long. After being rescued by their most recent ally, Manauhk, he cured him and then exercised his purifying powers, giving him powers of Light. With their new abilities, Vilrohk and the others managed to defeat the horde.

After the disaster, Vilrohk learned that Vavakx had died in his final battle against Mersny, and participated in the event where his memory was celebrated in the central square of Metru Magna.

Eventually, the effects of Manauhk's purification vanished over time and Vilrohk regained his pre-event abilities.

Abilities and Traits

Vilrohk does not tolerate restrictions on his freedom, and his explosive nature often irritates anyone.


Vilrohk has access to his natural Chain Lightning Kraata power, with which he can fire powerful arcs of electrical energy at various targets. Morvax's experiments improved this power exponentially, allowing him to develop new techniques such as creating electric fields to protect himself.

Being originally a Kraata, Vilrohk can detect Antidermis in his environs, turning him into an excellent Makuta tracker. Also, like the Rahkshi, Vilrohk has the ability to fly.

After being purified by Manauhk, Vilrohk temporarily lost his Chain Lightning power and his ability to detect Antidermis in exchange for Light powers. The effect eventually faded over time and his original abilities were restored.

Like all members of the Order of Mata Nui, Vilrohk's mind is protected against telepathy and mental invasions.


To protect his organic form and to facilitate his movement, Vilrohk depends on a specialized biomechanical suit that works similarly to Rahkshi armor. In his life he had three different suits, each equipped with different weapons and functions.


  • Kraata are technically genderless, which applies to Vilrohk's case. However, he sees himself as male and uses masculine pronouns to refer to himself.