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"Many thanks for your cooperation, Toa. Abaddon promises your death will be painless. Well, assuming that your sacrifice results in a painless death."
―Vicoran to Wira, The Rising
Vicoran 1
Artificial Being
Elemental Shadow powers, limited Telepathy
Bladed Spear

Vicoran is a Makuta-like creation of Abaddon, leading the Infernal Legion during his imprisonment.



Some 800 years before the Great Cataclysm War, Abaddon created a loyal Makuta-like being and named it Vicoran. The artificial Makuta joined Abaddon in forming armies for his planned takeover. Vicoran helped the tyrant control a Skakdi army.

Vicoran accompanied Abaddon during his first attack against the Core Processor. Kisa and Helryx teamed up to defeat Vicoran while Abaddon fought the rest of the Toa Neirae and Brotherhood of Makuta.

When Abaddon's armies were defeated by the Toa Malia, Vicoran was defeated by the Toa and Abaddon was imprisoned by the Order of Mata Nui. Vicoran's body was never recovered.

Resurface after the War[]

After the War, Vicoran reappeared in a brief conflict with Helryx when she was in the Lost Continents seeking a bounty hunter. It was defeated by Helryx, but succeeded in distracting the Order of Mata Nui so Wira could be kidnapped.

Vicoran appeared when Suram was taken by Crescent and "Shadowplayer", giving the Toa of Light the messaged that the Infernal Legion would bring back Abaddon.

The return of Abaddon[]

Vicoran ambushes Helryx, Wira and Suram as they return to Kehidupan. It battles Helryx, eventually knocking the Toa through the gate of Kehidupan. Crescent teleports Vicoran and Wira to Karzahni, who betrays the Council of Kehidupan for benefit from the Infernal Legion, only to be betrayed himself by Vicoran.

Vicoran drags Wira through the tunnel to the Core Processor. It uses the Olisi to torment Wira and weaken his mind, eventually tossing the Toa of Life to the ground and kicking him to the pedestal. Vicoran swaps its mask for the Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Travel, placing a hand on Wira and freeing Abaddon by sacrificing Wira.

Personality and traits[]

Vicoran is dull and void of all emotion, following orders without question. It is extremely intelligent, easily calculating opponents' openings and psychological weaknesses. Vicoran can make very educated guesses on an opponent's abilities from a few glances, understanding and altering its knowledge as combat progresses. Vicoran does not uphold to any morals.

Vicoran's is mind linked to Abaddon's. This connection only works one way, letting Vicoran hear Abaddon's thoughts as Abaddon pleases. Vicoran can be fully controlled by Abaddon if he wishes.

Powers and tools[]

Vicoran carries a bladed spear. The spear was crafted by Abaddon upon Vicoran's creation. It is excellent at improvising and changing strategies to exploit weaknesses in his opponents during combat.

Vicoran wears the Kanohi Olisi, the Mask of Alternate Futures. The mask allows Vicoran to convey sinister thoughts or memories with eye contact.


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