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New Veztakbra
Eye Beams, Poison, Lightning
Ignika (Formerly)
Ax (Formerly), Wing Staff, Wings, Chain, Claws, Switchblade, Tail
Aurea Magna
"I'm a walking tank!"

Veztakbra is Hook's brother.


Long ago after being tricked into being evil by Teridax, he was imprisoned in the Kanohi Ignika. He would eventually awaken when Hook followed the mask to Mahri Nui, with no memory of his past. Fueled by rage and hatred, he would go on to fight Hook countless times. In his later battles, he started having fragmented memories of his past. He later remembered who he really was during a battle with Hook and stopped fighting. His last act while wearing the Mask of Life was healing the injured Amisah, transforming her into a Toa. Veztakbra then removed the mask, and was given a Ruru by his brother.

Karda Nui[]

On Karda Nui, Veztakbra once stopped Icarax from killing Hook, though it left him in a much weaker, smaller form. He would also assist the team in evacuating once the Energy Storms started.

Bara Magna[]

Veztakbra, Jaller, and Dude was once in a terrible accident, he was found by some Agori, who saved them, but Veztakbra was forced to wear a helmet to keep him alive, though he still can access his Mask Powers.


The day after Glacund joined the team, Veztakbra was helping Hook in his study, an earthquake caused Veztakbra to fall into Hook's pool of Energized Protodermis. He emerged in a slightly altered version of his warrior form, and no longer needed a helmet to survive.

Jaller's Story[]

Vaztakbra is a member of Jaller's Team.

Abilities and Traits[]

Veztakbra is a powerful warrior, possibly stronger than his brother. Originally a viscous monster, he would later try and atone for his past mistakes. He can shoot beams from his eyes, summon Lightning, and poison people with his tail. He can also fly.

Mask and Tools[]

Veztakbra originally wore the Kanohi Ignika, but he now wears a Ruru. He originally wielded a Giant Ax, which would be transformed into twin daggers in his diminished form. After falling into Hook's pool of Energized Protodermis, Veztakbra's daggers were transformed into a Wing Staff. He had a Zamor Launcher once, but gave it to Jaller.


Jaller's Story[]


  • Veztakbra and Nightslasher are tied with the most deaths of Hook's Team, with 3.
  • His name comes from the fact that he's made of Vezon, Brutaka, and Umbra's parts.
  • He was the forth and final member to wake up from a coma after The Battle For Jaller's Body, and the only one to wake up without someone there. he also took the longest, roughly 4 weeks, whereas the others woke up within the week.
  • Veztakbra has no memory of his or Hook's lives before their reunion. All he knows for sure is that they are brothers.


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