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Order of Mata Nui
Karda Nui

Vestak is a member of the Order of Mata Nui and currently lives on the small island on the planet Atex Megnok

Vestak is also a Makuta, but higher, also became a member of the Order of Mata Nui. He, along with Jestek, Kers, Tanmarex and Ranatex is among the only survivors of the massacre committed by Makuta Rockyx to seize the mask elements.


Early Life[]

Vestak was created by Makuta in Karda Rockyx Magna with antidermis. He wanted to create a powerful Makuta who could protect him from any cosa.All 'start Vestak are useful, but then, as they enemies get stronger and stronger lost importance and became just a Makuta, but remained a close friend of Rockyx. Mentre the years passed, however Vestak saw Rockyx began to become increasingly crude and insensitive. Causing the decision to abandon the life of Makuta to engage in combat.

Meeting Jestak and Kers[]

Vestak moved 'on an island far from Karda Magna, ie Kander Nui, an island covered with dense foreste.A as they lived in Kander Nui, became more powerful (not as Rockyx). One day, I met two members Order of Mata Nui, and Jestak Kers, who led the small island of Atex, where he became an official member of the order of Mata Nui.

The Happy Years and the Massacre of Makuta Rockyx[]

Vestak years passed and lived in peace on Atex, but one day, and the other Makuta Makuta Rockyx Atex attacked to seize the mask elements. Vestak had a little confrontation with Rockyx, lasted but a few minutes and emerged defeated and severely wounded. After the battle, on Atex had been very few Matoran, he, Kers, Jestak and two other warriors named Tanmarex and Ranatex.

La guerra di Karda Magna[]

A thousand years after massacre by Rockyx on Atex Vestak Matoran to train together with the survivors and his friends Kers and Jestek.


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  • He is the Supermg96's third self MOC (the first is Toa Vakanuva and the second is Tanmarex, Toa of Jungle).