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Vessen (Fragmented Alternate Universe)
Toa of Water
Water-based powers
Great Huna
Aqua Axes
Matoran Universe

Toa Vessen is the Toa of Water living in the Fragmented Alternate Universe.


Early Life[]

Like most Ga-Matoran, Vessen began her life on Spherus Magna, where she aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. Once it was complete, she was placed in Metru Nui and worked there as a teacher for many years.

When Makuta Teridax secretly overthrew Turaga Dume and took his place, Vessen was one of the few that suspected something was wrong.

When "Dume" ordered all the Matoran into the Coliseum, she went so reluctantly. Then the Vahki began forcing the Matoran into the Matoran Spheres and Vessen tried to escape but was stunned and put into a sphere, her memory being erased and her form being decreased into a smaller form.

Mata Nui[]

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The Arrival[]

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The Swarms[]

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The Bohrok-Kal[]

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The Seventh Toa[]

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Return to Metru Nui[]

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Reign of Shadows[]

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Alternate Versions[]

Toa Jatax History[]

History of Toa Vessen[]

Though she is now a Toa of Water, Toa Vessen used to be a Wa-Matoran, and lived in Wa-Tera. She was a professional fisher, but when the previous Toa died, her and her friends, Menax, Telrak, Yaltraz, Gerjak, Jatax, and Zalt became the new Toa. She is currently protecting the village of Wa-Tera as the current Toa of Water.

RCA 0307

Toa Vessen as she looks on Kara-Nui.

Toa Vessen

Toa Vessen.

Meeting Grip[]

One day, as Toa Vessen was swimming in the sea, to figure out what Thingus really was, she met Grip, and his brothers, Pain and Blood, and they spoke. Grip spoke of how he'd locked up his father, Thingus, and his other two older brothers. They then learned of the existance of a group called Organization Firestorm, so she, Grip, and Pain armored up, and left for the island of Kara-Nui, the island where the Organization's HQ is. They left behind Blood to look after things undersea and in Wa-Tera. However, Vessen does not know that Toa Jatax is currently already on the island, and has infiltrated the Organization's HQ.

Toa Zeit[]

As they searched for the HQ of the Organization, they learned a horrible secret about the Organization. It was that they were planning to take over Karda Nui, and turn the very island into a weapon. They called it Operation Island Cannon. Vessen and Grip learned of this from the Mask of Time, who had made itself a body, and called itself Toa Zeit.

Toa Ekar[]

While they searched still for the HQ, Vessen, Zeit, and Grip met a Toa named Toa Ekar, who was the only toa on the Island, except for Vessen, Jatax and Zeit. He too, was searching for the Organization, and said he would help Vessen, Zeit, and Grip.