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Veronia is a planet that is located far from Bara Magna. It is the home world where Lazarus and his species were created and inhabited. It is known for it's constant volcanic and geologic activity. Earthquakes are very common because of this. No being has ever and dared to step foot on Veronia due to the fact that it's inhabitants will wage war on those who come to this world and will fight to the death for the saftey of the planet and it's environment. A terrible little secret about Veronia is that when all the other planets in the universe are aligned, the Veronians predict that it will (along with it's artificial star, Little Star, will go on a crash course to Aqua Magna. However, this seems impossible, though.


Much of this planet's enviroment is much like Earth's. 80% of is coniferis and deciduis forest and 20% is tundra, artic, and subartic.


  • This world is known for its people to extremely exclusive and isolated.
  • This is Lazarus place of birth and origin. And where his species reside.
  • Veronia typically has one large ocean, The Northern Ocean, and two large continents, Rhodinia and Arvania.
  • Creatures here are known to be extremely violent during the Fall and Winter season due to the fact that Lazarus species often hunt them for foo
  • Little Star is a small artificial star created by the Great Beings. It has the same amount of energy as the Sun but it will not die out.

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