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Verill is an Av-Matoran who was archaeologist until he was turned into a shadow matoran, but then cured and turned back into a regular matoran again. he is currently a Toa and leader of the Initiative, although he has been losing his power over the agency for some time. He appears in Sweet, Sweet Revenge, A Chance for Redemption, The Initiative, The Dark Reign crossover, and will be in Forgotten Revenge.

Toa Verill evolution

Toa Design[]

I wanted Verill to look corrupted and mutated as a Toa, as he became one through the Stone of Power, one of the seven Toa Stones that contian the essence of the Great Being Pismoditus. He has an original arm design that shows his arms have blades permanently grafted to them. Verill also wires going all over the place on his body, as he is supposed to have a life-support module on to stop the corrosion of his armor due to the stone's effects. He has a jet pack because the stone's powers interfere with his Kanohi powers.

Toa Verill back

The back or Toa Verill

Toa verill arm

Verill's arm design. The blade is permanently grafted to his arm. He also has the Toa Metru arm articulation technique applied, meaning his arms have articulations despite being on a Toa Metru body.