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<gallery> Image:Bionicle20 003.jpg|Verex following his transformation File:Bionicle71 001.jpg|Verex upon discovering his mutation File:Drex Verex.JPG|Drex's initial discovery of Verex File:Verex,Raanu,Magmus.JPG|Verex meeting Raanu and Magmus File:VerexvsSkrall.jpg|Verex battling a Skrall in Vulcanus File:Verex Cloaked.JPG|Verex wearing a cloak to hide his appearance File:Verex vs Skopio.JPG|Verex, Gelu, and Kuzak facing off against Telluris and his Skopio-XV1 File:Trio vs Vorox.JPG|Verex, Ranzesk, and Drex are confronted by Zecrek's pack File:Verex Inzek Arguement.JPG|Verex arguing with Inzek File:Arena BattleVerex&Arctica.jpg|Verex in Iconox combating Arctica File:FlardrekvsSolnohk.jpg|Verex observing the arena match between Flardrek and Solnohk File:Bionicle64 067.jpg|Verex atop Reshnez in the Sanctuary File:Verex Weakened.JPG|Verex after being weakened by one of Skirvex's darts File:Verex Enslaved.JPG|Verex being infected by Antidermis File:Inzek vs Verex.JPG|Inzek facing an enslaved Verex File:Self-MOC Trio.JPG|A promotional image of Verex alongside Toa Hydros and Barionk File:Verex Star.JPG|Verex as a BIONICLE Star File:Self MOC Stars.JPG|A promotional image of Verex, Hydros, and Barionk as BIONICLE Stars File:Verex Drawing.jpg|Verex as drawn by his creator, Toa Hydros <gallery>