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"When I am through with you, Toa, you will be nothing more than another corpse rotting in the sun."
―Verahk to Hydros, Shadow Fire
Bionicle20 575
Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Legion of Shadows
Shadow, Kraata Powers, Telepathy, Shapeshifting
Great Kiril
Metru Nui

Verahk (also known as Cordak) is a Makuta and a former member of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He was the Makuta of the region surrounding Xia, and later became the founder and leader of the malevolent faction known as the Legion of Shadows.


Early Life[]

Verahk was created by Mata Nui alongside the other Makuta from a greenish black liquid on an island in one the Southern chains of the Matoran Universe. Like other Makuta, he became a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization tasked with maintaining order and carrying out the will of Mata Nui. Verahk was responsible for the creation of several Rahi breeds to populate the Matoran Universe and specialized in the creation of fierce predatory Rahi, such as the Shadow Panther or the Zorvahk. During the creation of one Shadow Panther, Verahk accidentally used an impure virus that would result in the Rahi possessing an unnatural greenish color. Deciding to name the beast Fang Tooth, Verahk would keep the Shadow Panther as his personal pet and guard Rahi.

At some point, Verahk was approached by an unnamed being who later schooled him in the ways of combat, teaching him the fighting skills that would eventually turn Verahk into one of the Matoran Universe's greatest warriors. During this time, Verahk would also make a number of visits to a mist-shrouded valley for varying amounts of time; differing from days to even weeks. Eventually, his little departures began to irritate the Brotherhood's first leader, Miserix, who sent a Makuta named Vaivarah to uncover what Verahk was up to. When she failed to do so, Miserix (and later Teridax when he assumed command of the Brotherhood) inquired into the purpose of his disappearances, though never pressed the matter further. Verahk was later instructed by Miserix to pass on his knowledge of combat to a number of other Brotherhood members, such as Icarax and Gorast.

Some time ago, Verahk met up with a being who revealed himself to be an older version of Verahk himself, the result of an accident with the Kanohi Vahi. The older Makuta told the younger Verahk of several key events that would take place in the future, including the fall of the League of Six Kingdoms, Teridax's eventual corruption and master scheme to take over the universe, the death and rebirth of Mata Nui, and even some events that would take place in Karda Nui later in the younger Verahk's life. The older Verahk then informed his younger counterpart that in order to make this sequence of events unfold, Verahk would have to commit an act that would set these events up. Armed with this knowledge, the younger Verahk set about the creation of a master scheme, which would would manipulate and shape the fates of countless lives far into the future.

Later, when the League of Six Kingdoms collapsed as Verahk had expected, the Makuta used his telepathic abilities to place the thought of rebellion and eventual overthrowing of Mata Nui in Makuta Teridax's mind. Verahk performed this task with risk of Teridax discovering his intentions and exposing his plans. Luckily, Verahk's plan succeeded, and he managed to make Teridax believe that it was the Barraki's ill-attempted plot to rule the universe that was his true inspiration.

After the Matoran Civil War, Verahk was assigned to supervise the region surrounding the island of Xia by Miserix, though he did not actually oversee the Vortixx homeland itself. When Antroz, the Makuta assigned to Xia, became Teridax's primary lieutenant, Verahk was instructed to observe the isle of Xia in his stead in order for Antroz to more heavily focus on his duties.

When Teridax demanded a Convocation to be held on Destral in order to reveal his plan and take over the Brotherhood, Verahk was one of the five Makuta who sided with Miserix when Teridax took over the Brotherhood. Though he wished for Teridax to assume command, Verahk sided with Miserix as a way of diverting attention way from himself, just in case someone was on to his schemes. Soon after Miserix was "executed" by Krika and Spiriah, Teridax ordered Icarax and Gorast to kill those who took Miserix's side including Verahk. Despite numerous murder attempts by Icarax and Gorast (the last of these attempts resulted in half of Destral being reduced to rubble), Verahk managed to survive. Impressed by his skills, Teridax decided he would allow the Makuta of Xia to live for the time being.

At some point, Verahk developed a fierce rivalry with Makuta Kylla following a dispute of some sort. This sparked a fierce hatred between the two Makuta, and Verahk began competing with Kylla for domination over the Brotherhood.

Like all other Makuta, Verahk's Antidermis evolved to a gaseous virus-like state where he no longer required sleep or sustenance. Teridax ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to Destral to modify the Makuta's armor to accommodate this evolution.

Before the Brotherhood was discovered to have turned into a malevolent organization, Verahk had a squad of Toa Hagah detailed to him, whom he personally trained in combat on his island fortress near Xia. Eventually, however, Teridax's own Toa Hagah team rebelled against the Brotherhood, resulting in the deaths or corruption of almost all other Toa Hagah teams, including Verahk's. Though Verahk succeeded in killing most members of his team, the battle would continue to rage until only three members of the team remained alive, one of whom, a Toa of Plasma named Ronkoz, was seriously injured. Ronkoz decided to take matters into his own hands, and began charging up his elemental powers for a Nova Blast in a last-ditch effort to kill Verahk. The two other remaining Toa, the group's leader, Barionk, and the Toa of Lightning Zevrai, fled the scene in order to get out of range of the blast. When Ronkoz unleashed his elemental energies, Verahk was thought to have been obliterated, though he managed to survive.

Some time later, Verahk chose a Brotherhood lieutenant named Zogorak to become his apprentice. However, Verahk was unaware that Zogorak was in fact an Order of Mata Nui member sent to keep an eye on him. Although he was oblivious to this, Verahk decided to keep a small circle of secret allies in case Zogorak ever betrayed him. One of these allies was a female Protodilian named Ventra, who would become Verahk's secondary apprentice. From time to time, Verahk would also hire the Zeverek bounty hunter Skorr to do the dirty work of his plans.

Less than 1,000 years ago, Verahk took a Zorvahk and placed it in a vat of Energized Protodermis, resulting in it mutating into a more powerful and subsequently more intelligent form. However, it escaped, though not before being wounded in the process by Verahk with a blast of shadow. In frustration, Verahk sent Makuta Frezako to hunt it down, though he returned empty handed, due to the actions of Toa Helryx and Zuvak, who recruited Zorvahk Rex into the ranks of the Order of Mata Nui.

Later, Verahk and another Makuta, Orriki, discovered the formulas and plans of the Kusorahk, a monstrous Rahi creature the late Makuta Kojol had been working on. Taking the designs into their own hands, the pair began working on a more a more powerful creature than the original Kusorahk. After incorporating traits of the monstrous Zivon into their new creation's design, the pair successfully created the Zusorahk. Believing it had more potential than beyond becoming another mindless drone in the Brotherhood's Visorak army, the Visorak Horde, Verahk used a Kanohi Olmak that Orriki had recovered to store their creation in an pocket dimension, knowing it could help them overthrow Teridax, and make them rule the universe.

Being well aware that he could not conquer the universe with a single Zusorahk, Verahk used his Olmak to enter thousands of alternative realities and collected the Zusorahk of each one. By the time he had finished, Verahk had assembled an army of Zusorahk, which he kept hidden in the pocket dimension he had placed the original one in. Wishing to test his new weapon, Verahk used the Olmak to unleash a Zusorahk on an uninhabited island in the far south of the universe, though the creature went wild and destroyed the entire island. At some point after this, Verahk managed to draft Makuta Frezako to his side, with promises of great power and domination, should his plans succeed.

On another occasion, Verahk was brought into conflict with a pair of veteran Toa named Prozuke and Vormahk, and after a lengthy conflict, succeeded in defeating the two. Taking them back to his lair, Verahk held the two as prisoners, before using his Blade of Mutation to mutate them into diminutive beings known as Rahaga, a move inspired by Roodaka's tactic to deal with Teridax's Toa Hagah team.

About a year before the Siege of Karda Nui, Verahk learned of the existence of Toa Hydros and the multiple powers he wielded. Knowing such a Toa could play a factor in his plan, Verahk sent out an anonymous (and false) report to the Order of Mata Nui, which claimed a rouge Brotherhood member was preforming experiments on the Necronites on their native land of Nocterra. Verahk then tracked Hydros down, and disguised himself as a Shadow Panther, before attacking the Toa at his campsite. As he had intended, he managed to extract a sample of Hydros's organic tissue and then departed after Hydros' companion, Kevtho, arrived. Verahk then used this tissue sample to make a female "clone" of Hydros, who he named "Pyra". Verahk and his apprentice, Ventra, proceeded to attempt to educate Pyra both in how to use her powers and in combat. However, Pyra could not properly control her abilities, forcing Verahk to temporarily stop the experiment and put Pyra in coma using a specialized virus.

Karda Nui[]

After watching events unfold on Xia, Verahk decided to initiate his mysterious plan, and subsequently prepared to depart for Karda Nui. Before leaving Xia, Verahk had his armor modified by the Vortixx, granting him greater resistance to the intense heat produced by the Energy Storms as well as the element of Light. He also decided to take Pyra with him, knowing that if he completed her he could use her as a template to create an army of super-powered Toa. Shortly after making these preparations, Verahk departed for Karda Nui, under the guise that he had been assigned by Teridax to give aid to Antroz's team in battling the Toa Nuva. To the contrary, however, Verahk had not been selected to go to the Universe Core with the other Makuta, as Teridax believed he would attempt to sabotage both Antroz's mission and his master scheme.

After arriving via Karda Nui's western entrance, Verahk shapeshifted into a more adaptable form for his surroundings, and slowly began absorbing energy from Karda Nui's atmosphere, adding the energies to his power. He then set off to create a base in the face of one of Karda Nui's cliffs. He set up containers of Energized Protodermis and left three Kraata in them so they would become Rahkshi armor. Also during this period, Verahk set up a growth tube and placed Pyra in it. He then hid her behind a large rock wall so no one could find her.

After a time, Verahk came across two Av-Matoran, Vanak and Raniza, and transformed Raniza into a Shadow Matoran using a Shadow Leech, before using his Blade of Mutation to alter his physical appearance. Verahk then blasted Vanak over a cliff, seeing no use in the Av-Matoran. After this, Verahk ordered Raniza to direct him to the Av-Matoran village. However, Raniza got lost along the way, and the pair were soon confronted by Toa Hydros and his allies, including a very much alive Vanak, who demanded that the two surrender. Verahk refused, which earned a blast from Hydros' Midak Skybalster. Verahk then retreated with Raniza, making use of his shadow powers to coat the area in darkness, allowing the two to escape.

Verahk and Raniza retreated to a secluded spot where the Makuta used his his Kiril to regenerate the damage Hydros had inflicted upon his armor. Verahk then lied to Raniza, claiming he had no prior knowledge of Hydros' existence. Shortly afterwards, Verahk was confronted by Makuta Icarax. Surprised, Verahk learned that the Makuta of Karzahni had arrived in Karda Nui to help Antroz and the others combat the Toa Nuva. Upon being informed of Hydros' arrival, Icarax ordered Verahk to deal with him, whilst he and his fellow Makuta dealt with the Toa Nuva. With no intention of truly obeying Icarax, Verahk set out to complete his plan. Before he left, Verahk created Kraata for the three Rahkshi breeds, Turahk, Lerahk, Vorahk; in order to aid him in his attempt to capture Hydros.

Leaving his lair, and leaving Raniza to guard it, Verahk set out and placed his staff out as bait to lure Hydros to him. Eventually. the plan worked worked, and Hydros was captured by Verahk and forced into unconsciousness by a Rahkshi Vorahk. After safely delivering Hydros to his lair, and gaining another sample of his organic tissue for his Pyra project, Verahk shapeshifted into Hydros, and traveled to his base in order to fool his comrades. After arriving, he lied to Hydros' allies, claiming he had killed "Verahk" and that they were now to head to the Matoran village, which was met with great confusion. After convincing the team that it was necessary, The group took off and headed for the village, leaving behind the Dark Hunter Proto-Beast, who had been scanning Verahk's mind.

After scouting for a time, Verahk was lured into a weak position by Vanak, and attacked and unmasked by a Proto-Beast who had telepathically informed Vanak of Verahk's true identity, and freed himself after they had left. Laughing, Verahk reverted back to his bat-winged form and revealed that he had been experimenting on Hydros, convincing them that he had converted the Toa to Verahk's side. Verahk was then captured and chained against a pillar in Hydros's hideout whilst Proto-Beast scanned his mind for information on Hydros' location. When Proto-Beast discovered the Toa's whereabouts, Scotho decided to go alone, and told the others to watch and guard Verahk, not realizing they were being spied on by two of Verahk's Rahkshi. Shortly after Scotho left, the Rahkshi successfully managed to ambush the team and free Verahk, allowing him to escape.

Swamp of Secrets[]

Heading to the Matoran village, Verahk learned that Antroz's team had headed into the swamps below the village from one of their Shadow Matoran. Verahk and his Rahkshi soon regrouped with Raniza, Shados, and Vorahk, intending to enter the Swamp of Secrets below. Shados, however, attempted to depart to fulfil his own ambitions, though was stopped by Verahk. Using his blade to make him kneel, Verahk revealed to Shados that he had given him a special Shadow Leech that would make him obey his will. After this, Verahk and his servants entered the Swamp of Secrets. He later sent out a telepathic message to Makuta Orriki, instructing him to come and give him aid in Karda Nui. He would also instruct his secondary apprentice Ventra to follow Orriki to the Universe Core, though ordered her to observe the activities of the Toa Nuva and their struggles against the Brotherhood of Makuta, and relay all major events to Verahk via telepathy.

After arriving, and shapeshifting into a more adaptable form, Verahk encountered Makuta Gorast, and ordered her to inform her fellow Makuta, Krika, to keep the Toa Nuva busy whilst he dealt with Scotho and his companions. Soon after, Makuta Orriki, Frezako and their Shadow Matoran Xakon arrived and delivered him a Nynrah Ghost Blaster and a Kanohi Olmak he had requested. Chuckling, the Makuta of Xia revealed he planned to unleash his "ultimate weapon," his army of Zusorahk, against Karda Nui.

Recalling the last time he used the Olmak (Which resulted in an entire island being reduced to rubble), Verahk ordered his Rahkshi to go with Shados on an staged assault at Scotho's base, only to supposedly loose and retreat, forcing Scotho's team to follow them so they could be captured and destroyed.

Shortly afterward, Makuta Vorakx, who had entered an alliance with the mysterious Toa Akatark, flew down and snatched the Olmak from Verahk's hands and attempted to escape. Verahk and his fellow Makuta, however, managed to down him before he got too far. They then captured the Makuta of Nocterra and recovered the Olmak.

After locking Vorakx in a cell, and trying without success to get any answers from him, Verahk, Orriki, and Frezako began discussing their plan. Verahk revealed to his allies that he plotted to destroy the Codrex, ruining Teridax's entire scheme in the process, and would then proceed to conquer the Matoran Universe. However, before anything else could be said, Verahk was then attacked by his rival, Makuta Kylla. Putting on his Olmak, Verahk and Kylla engaged in a battle. After exchanging several blows, Verahk managed to delay Kylla long enough for his apprentice Zogorak to arrive, who then impaled Kylla in the chest, allowing her energies to flow out.

After Shados and his strike team (minus Xakon and Vorahk) returned, Shados informed Verahk that the powers of the mysterious Toa Akatark seemed to be linked in some way to the Kanohi Vahi. Despite the worries of his fellow Makuta, Verahk remained relaxed and confident in his powerful army, believing even with the help of their new friend, his enemies would never defeat his forces. Soon after, Scotho and his allies arrived. Pleased that his stratagem had worked, Verahk replaced his Kiril for his Olmak and unleashed one of thousands of Zusorahk against the team. Shocked at what Verahk had unleashed, with even Shados surprised, the team demanded to know what it was and how it fell under Verahk's sway. After revealing the Zusorahk's origins, the Mauta of Xia ordered the Zusorahk to attack the almost completely helpless team.

Laughing mockingly whilst the team was being overpowered by the Makuta's new force, Verahk noticed Scotho attempting to free Vorakx using his Mask of Stealth and blasted him away from the mutant Makuta. Before he could finish his foe, however, the three assembled Makuta were blown away by Toa Skydrax, taking Verahk out for a short time.

Verahk soon recovered and attacked Scotho, who was currently in the possession of the Olmak. Despite his attempts to recover it, Verahk was briefly rendered unconscious by a blast from Scotho's Laser Sword. After recovering from his wounds, Verahk disengaged from the battle and traveled to a remote spot in order to absorb more energy from Karda Nui. Later, Zogorak found him, who claimed to have killed Toa Akatark, presenting his mask as proof. Shortly after this, Verahk telepathically contacted Xakon who had been captured by his enemies earlier on. He ordered Xakon to head to his original base that was positioned west from Hydros's hideout, and ordered him to check up on his earlier experiment, Pyra, and then wait for either himself or Frezako to arrive.

Verahk later returned to the battlefield and witnessed the apparent "death" of his Zusorahk, but revealed to the rejoiced team that the Zusorahk could survive death by evolving into the final stage of its life cycle, Zusorahk Rex, a form even more powerful than it's earlier incarnation. He then bid farewell to his doomed enemies, and ordered his new "pet" to attack. With one swift blow from it's tail, the assembled heroes were knocked out of the sky. After his enemies had recovered and formulated a new plan, they split up. Verahk soon spotted Shaza and Vorakx heading towards an unconscious Shados, and proceeded to send Frezako after them in order to prevent their attempts at restoring Hydros' light. Before he could deliver any more orders, Toa Krataka arrived and swiftly attacked Verahk.

During the battle that followed, Verahk put on what he believed to be Akatark's Kanohi Vahi, and used it as a taunt as he defeated Krataka. He then offered the Toa of Twilight the chance to live on the condition that he would serve him for the rest of his life. Krataka refused, and as a result, Verahk summoned his Zusorahk Rex and ordered it to kill Krataka. However, the beast's hearing was rendered defunct, leaving it unable to carry out orders. Verahk quickly realized the problem, and discovered a very much alive Akatark using his powers to freeze the beast in time and space.

Confused and angered, Verahk discarded Krataka, and questioned Zogorak about Akatark's survival. Zogorak responded by seizing Verahk by the neck, and informed he had lied about the Toa's death. He then revealed he was a member of the Order of Mata Nui. Angered, Verahk attempted to defeat Akatark with a blast from his Nynrah Ghost Blaster, only to be thwarted by the Toa of Time's powers, allowing him to avoid both the blast and a swipe from the Makuta's blade. Soon, Verahk was being attacked from all sides, at one point narrowly escaping a blow from Skydrax's sword. Verahk then returned an attack from Proto-Beast's laser-vision by blasting the Dark Hunter with plasma. The Makuta of Xia then received a blow from Zogorak, knocking him senseless for a moment. Surrounded and outnumbered, Verahk summoned all of his anger and willpower, and focused it into releasing a massive blast of shadow that sent everyone apart from Verahk and the Zusorahk reeling.

This temporarily took Akatark out of the fight, releasing the Zusorahk from his power. Verahk ordered it to destroy the assembled team. However, the Zusorahk was blasted with a large bolt of Shadow, courtesy of a light-restored Orriki, that ultimately stunned the Zusorahk and rendered it unconscious. Verahk was then attacked by Orriki along with Moliki, who used Verahk's Olmak to teleport the Zusorahk to another dimension (accidentally returning Fang Tooth in the process). Surprised by Orriki's betrayal Verahk attempted to attack him, only to be stopped by a blast of plasma. Drastically outnumbered, Verahk used a special virus to release a blinding flash of light, distracting the others long enough for him and his allies to escape.

However, during his flight, Verahk was downed by a pursuing Moliki, and was temporarily rendered unconscious. After recovering, Verahk ordered Frezako to disengage from the fight and head to Verahk's original base. Frezako obeyed with much reluctance, and the pair teleported away. After arriving at the hideout, Verahk and Frezako explained the situation to Xakon and then began planning their next move. Frezako suggested they used Pyra, though Verhak declined, stating that he still neeeded to influence her mind. Verahk then opted to wait for the others to track them down so the "real fun" could begin.

Later, while explaining an edited version of his true plans to Frezako, Verahk was approached by his second apprentice, Ventra, who told him of his enemies' impending arrival. Commanding Frezako and the others to prepare for battle, Verahk began to absorb even more energy from the atmosphere, adding its power to his own. Roughly an hour later, Zorgorak and the others made their arrival, discovering the Makuta of Xia absorbing energy. Before they could prepare for battle, however, Proto-Beast and Skydrax were attacked by Ventra, who, on Verahk's orders, revealed her true form.

As Verahk continued to absorb energy and watch the following battle, he was too distracted to react to a trio of energy blasts headed his way. After recovering, his attention was drawn to Toa Krataka and Shaza, who had just arrived. After using a blast of laser vision to knock Shaza out of the sky, Verahk watched Krataka rescue her until he was attacked by Orriki. After grappling with his fellow Makuta, Verahk unleashed a powerful bolt of Darkness into Orriki's body. Stating he was to powerful to be beaten, Verahk tossed his brother away, and began to absorb a massive amount of energy. As he did so, the Makuta transformed himself into a massive vortex of pure darkness.

After being questioned about what he could possibly have left in store by Krataka, Verahk responded by saying that corrupting Hydros and unleashing the Zusorahk had merely been "distractions", that his true plot far exceeded his foes' expectations. Upon hearing Frezako agree with him, Verahk commented that his allies were no longer of use, and procceded in absorbing both Frezako and his remaining Shadow Panther into his substance. Under Krataka orders, the Verahk's foes attacked, only for him to shrug off their blasts and retaliate with with several blasts of his own, not noticing Ventra making her escape.

As the battle wore on, Verahk eventually managed to knock Krataka down, imobilizing him long enough for Verahk to seize the Toa of Twilight with a Shadow Hand. Before Krataka could be dragged in, however, Orriki managed to get a grip on the Toa's hand, and tried to prevent him from being absorbed by pulling him free of Verahk's grasp. Seeing this, Verahk unleashed a wave of electricity, forcing Orriki to let go, and drawing both of them into his darkness. Before he could attack th others, however, Verahk was attacked from within by Krataka, dissipating the Makuta's shadows, and forcing him to release the Toa and Orriki.

After taking a few moments to rest and realize the Toa of Twilight's new-found Light power, Verahk rose and stated that Krataka and his allies were merely delaying the Makuta. He then bagan to shapeshift into a more powerful form. After this, Verahk proceeded to attack Krataka's team. He soon fought against his former apprentice, Zogorak, yet defeated him after throwing Vorakx at him, sending the Necronite tumbling into the wall that hid Toa Pyra's growth tube, much to his frustration. Even the arrival of Moliki and Scotho couldn't stop Verahk, and he simply magnetized the two together. Upon seeing most of his opponents recovering, Verahk decided to take the battle elsewhere and abandoned his base.

Knowing that Verahk could do untold damage without someone distracting him, Krataka sent Skydrax, Nuzaka, Vorakx, Scotho, and Tahzak after him. However, even when they combined their powers together, the team couldn't even scratch the Makuta's armor. He then unleashed a massive blast of Shadow energy that knocked the gathered heroes out cold. Verahk, however, decided to let them live, not wanting to ruin the fun of destroying his enemies all at once. Even the arrival of Proto-Beast and Zogorak couldn't stop Verahk, and he quickly defeated them both.

Shaza and Krataka soon arrived, and the pair began battling Verahk. After briefly defeating Shaza, Verahk squared off against Krataka. The Toa soon found himself helpless against Verahk's new-found strength, and the Makuta soon sent Krataka reeling. However, his harsh assault on Krataka sparked Shaza's anger, who attempted to stop him. Failing, Verahk lifted Krataka, and prepared to end his life. However, before he could do so, Verahk was distracted by an intense electrical burst Shaza had launched at him. Shaza then proceeded to unleash a immensely powerful blast of lightning rivaling that of a Nova Blast. This sent the Makuta flying into the sky, and crashing a great distance away.

Angered, Verahk swiftly recovered from his wounds and teleported back to the battlefield, where he began absorbing even more energy from Karda Nui. After explaining his intentions with the power he was gathering, Verahk began shapeshifting into an even more powerful form than before. Transforming into a form towering over fifty feet tall, Verahk deflected the blows delivered by his enemies, and sent a massive blast of energy at his foes that sent them reeling. Orriki then flew above Verahk, and using all his strength, sent several blows to Verahk that succeeded in irritating the Makuta. After defeating Orriki with one blow from his claw, Verahk began seeding doubt in Krataka's resolve, and after a time, offered him and his allies the opportunity to join him.

His plan almost worked until Shaza and the others managed to snap Krataka out of Verahk's lies. Confident that they could defeat Verahk, Krataka refused to join him, and sent several blasts at the Makuta. In response, Verahk sent a blast of shadow that would have killed them. However, the group was shielded by the arrival of Hydros, who used his new Exo-Frame H10's powers to enhance the powers of his Kanohi Hau. Hydros then hit Verahk with a blast of energy that began draining his body of the power he had absorbed. Although severely drained of energy, Verahk managed to cut off Hydros' blasts, and revert back to his earlier super-powered form. In order to gain the advantage in the battle that would inevitably follow, Verahk teleported both himself and Hydros out of Karda Nui.

Battling Hydros[]

They two warriors were suddenly transported several stories above a Le-Metru street in Metru Nui, where Verahk managed to temporarily stun Hydros before starting their battle anew. Eventually, Verahk teleported the warriors away again in hopes of keeping Hydros off guard.

The pair then arrived in one of the ruined factories on the island Xia, where Verahk quickly managed to gain an advantage over his foe, almost crushing him with his foot. However, the abrupt arrival of the Shadowed One and his bodyguard, Sentrakh, prevented Verahk from killing him. After dealing with the Dark Hunter master and his minion, Verahk teleported away with Hydros.

The two then found themselves in the wastelands of Zakaz, and a battle quickly issued between the pair. Although their duel was close, with both Verahk and Hydros being unable to gain an edge over each other, their fight was interrupted by the arrival of two large forces of Skakdi. Before the armies could destroy Verahk and his foe, the Makuta of Xia activated his teleportation power and departed yet again with his enemy.

The two warriors continued their battle until they somehow ended up high above the planet of Aqua Magna, sending them plummeting to the island of Mata Nui below. A few minutes later, Verahk emerged from the crater in his ultimate form, and grabbed Hydros. With the intention of squeezing the Toa to death, Verahk was briefly distracted from killing his greatest foe by blows delivered by Akatark, Krataka, Shaza, Moliki, Orriki, and Scotho. Although he managed to deal with them, Verahk remained distracted long enough for Hydros to send an electrical discharge through Verahk's body.

Discarding Hydros, an enraged Verahk sent several powerful blasts at Hydros, rendering him unconscious. Proclaiming himself invincible, Verahk turned on Hydros' allies and attempted to obliterate them. However, a massive blast of fire, courtesy of Hydros, severed the Makuta's arm. After regenerating his severed limb, Verahk turned his attention back to his enemies. Hydros quickly attempted to drain more of Verahk's power, though the Makuta of Xia was able to cut off Hydros' energy blast. Verahk then sent several powerful blasts at the Toa, forcing him to take cover with his companions. By this time, Verahk had exhausted himself due to his battle with Hydros, and was now using most (if not all) of his remaining energy to maintain his current form.

Whilst searching for his fleeing foes, Verahk came across Moliki, who distracted the Makuta long enough for his companions to get into strategic positions around him. At Krataka's command, the heroes unleashed all their power against Verahk, the combined blast severely weakening him. Finally, when Hydros' powers were added, Verahk found himself unable to keep his focus and in a massive explosion, reverted back to his swamp-based form, loosing all of the great power he amassed in Karda Nui in the process. However, battered though he was, Verahk refused to admit defeat.

After sending a surprisingly strong blast at the unsuspecting team, Verahk rose again and used his powers to remove Akatark's Vahi from his face and claim it. However, unknown to Verahk, the power held within Akatark's Vahi would run wild if ever removed from his face. As such, a field of energy was created around Verahk as a result. In response, Krataka, Orriki, and Scotho rushed in to remove the Vahi from Verahk clutches, though they too were ultimately caught in it's power. Following this, a feedback of chronal energy occurred, resulting in Verahk and the others being flung back several centuries in time.


Once freed from the power of the Vahi, Verahk swiftly recovered and soon learned what had happened and where he was. Realizing he had been sent to this time for a reason, Verahk sought out his younger self in order to give him information about future events, telling him everything he had heard when he was confronted by an older version of himself. This set the events of the universe into motion, leaving the older version of Verahk to wait and watch. As time went by, he began to add on to his original plan, eventually coming up with a vast scheme that would allow him even greater power and dominance. This scheme involved the opening of a mysterious "door," which could only be unlocked by a collection stones with connections to six basic elemental forces. He then founded the Legion of Shadows.

To avoid potentially disrupting his plan, Verahk retreated to the isle of Morek in the southern lands, waiting as the events of the universe played out. While much of what he did during this time is unknown, it is known he began to go by the name "Cordak" in order to keep his true identity a secret. He also recruited several beings to aid him in his schemes, such as Kylla and Osbek to name a few. He also recruited the Zarak Gilvex to infiltrate the warlord Conqueror's armies in the Dark Brotherhood. During this time, he also learned much about Bara Magna and its inhabitants.

Some time afterwards, Verahk used his Blade of Mutation to fuse several different breeds of Rahkshi together, resulting in the creation of Zevrahk. He proceeded to train Zevrahk in the ways of combat, and after that, made him a general in the Legion of Shadows.

At some point before the Brotherhood of Makuta invaded Karda Nui, Cordak made mental contact with an Elite Warrior-class Skrall from Bara Magna named Skirvex, somehow gaining his alliance. He convinced the warrior to begin capturing Glatorian, Agori, Vorox, and Skrall in order to "reeducate" them and turn them into loyal soldiers for Cordak. To achieve this, Skirvex formed a division of the Legion that would later be named the Gatherers, a group which would effectively serve as Verahk's eyes and ears on Bara Magna.

During one of his discussions with Skirvex over the Skrall Gatherer's establishment in a series of underground tunnels which formerly served as a Great Being's laboratory, Verahk revealed he intended to place Skirvex as Bara Magna's ruler, should his plans succeed. He later made contact with Skirvex again, with the Skrall this time being accompanied by two of his allies, Rekax and Jarzek. After Rekax revealed what properties the substance he and Skirvex used to enslave warriors was made of, Verahk came to the conclusion it was a primitive version of Antidermis left behind by the Great Beings. Upon learning that Skirvex was out of the substance, Verahk offered to supply them with more Antidermis in order to speed up the enslavement process.

However, Jarzek proved doubtful about Verahk's ability to provide, prompting the Makuta to blast him with his eyebeams before making several spheres of Antidermis materialize before him. After Rekax and Jarzek left to deliver the spheres to Skirvex's chamber, Verahk revealed he was aware that Skirvex different from the rest of his brethern, and suggested his Antidermis would have a more unique affect on him. After Skirvex agreed to allow Verahk to experiment with him, the Makuta forced an amount of Antidermis into his body, resulting in Skirvex undergoing a transformation of some kind. Inquiring as to how Skirvex now felt, the Skrall revealed to Verahk he felt stronger than ever before.

Several months ago, Verahk formed a science team and assigned them to the island of Nocterra, instructing them to create a special mask called the Kanohi Sulok among other important projects. However, his team would often get distracted with other experiments, and would frequently hand in their progress reports past their expected delivery times.

After learning his younger self had gone to Karda Nui, Cordak sent his spy, Osbek, to keep an eye on his actions, showing great statisfation when the Skakdi return, confirming all was going as planned. A short time later, Gilvex, who had attempted to gain command of Conqueror's armies for himself, was brought before Cordak. As punishment for his treachery, Verahk disintegrated the Zarak with his eyebeams, providing an example to his other minions.

Kylla arrived shortly afterward, and introduced Verahk to two new recruits, one known as as Drekaz, the other called Distrex. Cordak then hired the bounty hunter Raduke to enter the Fortress of Ages and retrieve a artifact known as the Tidal Gem. He also instructed him to capture his former apprentice, Ventra, who Verahk was aware must have departed Karda Nui shortly after his younger self betrayed his allies. The hunter was successful, and he returned with both the gem and Ventra. After rewarding Raduke, Verahk proceeded to recruit Ventra into the Legion of Shadows. Shortly after this, Cordak contacted Skirvex, requesting a progress report. After the Skrall revealed his experiments were on schedule, the Makuta left him to continue his work.

Teridax's Reign[]

Later, using specialized probes scattered throughout the universe, Cordak observed the final battle between his earlier self and Hydros. After briefly discussing matters with Kylla, Verahk summoned his other servants to his throne room. There, he and Kylla began assigning them on missions of great importance before giving a rallying speech and declaring the supremacy of the Legion.

Several weeks later, Verahk contacted Skirvex, requesting an update. When the Skrall informed him all was going well, he inquired as to how he would meet the Makuta in person, with Verahk stating he would encounter him soon. Cordak was later summoned to a part of his fortress on Morek by Kylla. There, Verahk and Kylla received a message from Distrex and Drekaz, informing the pair that they had recovered the Blaze Gem. Pleased, Verahk ordered the pair to travel to Zakaz to check up on Ventra and Osbek's progress. After discussing the status of his other minions' progress, Verahk received another message, this time from Osbek. The Skakdi informed the Makuta that they had recovered the Blizzard Stone. However, he then revealed they had come across an odd Toa who Ventra recognized as Pyra. Surprised at the clone Toa's survival, Verahk ordered the pair to capture her.

Following this, Cordak met up with the the Onu-Matoran engineer Zenoke, and ordered him to upgrade his armor. Whilst the former Nynrah Ghost performed his duties, Verahk's essence was encased in a small globe-like sphere. After the Matoran finished his job, Verahk returned to his body, upon which Zenoke explained that his shape-shifting capabilities had been upgraded. After being taught how to use his new ability, Verahk began testing his armor's new capabilities, absorbing a Cordak Blaster and making an almost perfect replica materialize in his hand.

Later, whilst meeting with his weapons specialists, Verahk was summoned by Kylla to attend to some urgent business. Upon meeting her, Kylla revealed she had received another message from Osbek, who revealed their mission had been compromised by the arrival of Hydros and his companions, who had also allied with one of Zakaz's local warlords.

After Osbek was cut off, Verahk instructed Kylla to send another message to Distrex and Drekaz, informing them to disregard his last order and return to Morek with the Blaze Gem. He then instructed Kylla to meet up with their science team on Nocterra as originally planned. Verahk then teleported into the underground tunnel system of Morek, where he witnessed his Rahkshi general, Zevrahk, practice his fighting style. After commending Zevrahk on his performance, Verahk instructed him to take a squad of Rahkshi to Zakaz, in order to give aid to Osbek and Ventra. Shortly afterwards, Distrex and Drekaz returned to Morek with the Blaze Gem in their possession, which they then presented to Verahk.

Osbek and Zevrahk also returned, carrying the Blizzard Stone with them. However, Verahk soon discovered that Zevrahk had been extremely injured in his battle with Hydros, and had failed to recover Pyra for him. Adding to the situation was also the unknown circumstances of Ventra's disappearance. The next two days were spent having Zevrahk's body repaired by Zenoke, and when the Rahkshi finally confronted Verahk to receive disciplinary punishment, Verahk dismissed his failure, claiming the successful recovery of the Blizzard Stone was a far more important victory than the failed recovery of Pyra.

Kylla then entered the chamber, having returned from her trip to Nocterra. Upon her arrival, she revealed that the reasons behind the science team's lack of progress was because of an attempt to revive a mutant Toa of Ice named Froston. Seeing potential in the Toa, Verahk offered Froston a position in his ranks in exchange for vengeance on the Order of Mata Nui, who had experimented on him and shunned him as a failed project. Using his Shadow powers to heal Froston, Verahk and Kylla proceeded to assign him a mission as a method of proving his worth. With Frston's acceptance of the assignment, Verahk ordered Kylla to make preparations for the mission. Verahk then made his way to one of his private chambers, where he placed the Blizzard Stone and Blaze Gem amongst the two other gems his servants had recovered, narrowing his search down to only two more stones.

Later, Verahk traveled to Nocterra to meet with Drakzek, a member of his science team, shortly after the Intellian had completed the Kanohi Sulok. After Drakzek explained how he created the Sulok, Verahk informed him that he was now a liability to the Legion. Moments later, he was attacked and killed by Verahk. The Makuta then returned to Morek, where he encountered Kylla and revealed to her of the completed Sulok. After discussing whether the mask would be able to contain the great powers it was due to command, Verahk inquired about the location of the fifth gem, the Cyclone Gem. Kylla revealed that she had managed to pinpoint it's location in a chamber deep beneath Tren Krom's island. After instructing her to personally recover the gem, Verahk revealed that he would soon be departing for a meeting in Metru Nui after storing the Sulok in a safe location.

He then teleported to the island city in the region of Po-Metru, intent on meeting the city's new "Turaga," a Po-Matoran named Ahkmou. Whilst wandering the streets, he noticed two Matoran runners heading his way, forcing him to shapeshift into a Matoran form. After a Ko-Matoran named Ehrye bumped into him, Verahk identified himself as a Ta-Matoran named "Raniza" to the Matoran messenger and his companion Hafu. Before the three could part ways, Verahk and the other two were discovered by a Rahkshi of Chain Lightning on patrol.

Whilst Ehyre and Hafu discussed ways to avoid punishment and escape, Verahk decided to challenge the Rahkshi himself, and caused a sword to materialize in his hand before barging past the two Matoran and challenging the Rahkshi. After dealing a number of blows to the Rahkshi, Verahk was sent reeling when the creature managed to hit him with its chain lightning power, temporarily stunning him. Before it could kill the two Matoran, Verahk lunged his blade into the Rahkshi's back, effectively destroying it.

After recovering his sword, Verahk attempted to leave and resume his mission by finding Ahkmou, ignoring the worries of the two Matoran. After Hafu blocked him off, the Po-Matoran attempted to convince him to join their resistance movement against Teridax, though was instantly turned down by the disguised Makuta. However, after Hafu mentioned their first target would be Ahkmou himself, Verahk decided to join Hafu's rebellion, feeling it would help him get one step closer to meeting the city's new "Turaga."

Abilities and Traits[]

Verahk possesses a varying and somewhat unpredictable personality. He is extremely intelligent, cold and calculating; and a brilliant strategist. Though he appears to be more a warrior than a schemer on the surface, Verahk has more than once displayed his ability to manipulate those around him, and will not hesitate to use people to further his own agenda. Although he refuses to tolerate losses, Verahk is not one to fume over minor defeats, so long as the more important victories have been achieved. Verahk is described as possessing an air of danger about him, an aura so strong that it even unnerved many of his fellow brother and sister Makuta. In addition, Verahk is also a brilliant scientist, rivalling Makuta such as Mutran and Chirox in terms of genius.

However, when it comes down to it, Verahk is a true warrior, and prefers to handle direct opponents through battle rather than guile. Though he leaves less threatening foes to his minions, he seems to look forward to testing his skills against opponents he deems "worthy". In such cases, Verahk may even develop respect for warriors able to grant him a challenge; one such example is Toa Hydros, who managed to fight the Makuta to a draw.

Of all the Makuta, Verahk has proven to be by far the most gifted in hand-to-hand and melee combat, the result of being carefully trained for several years by a combat master whose name has since been lost to history. His power and speed in battle allow him to out-maneuver and strike down his foes with relative ease. This has subsequently made him one of the most greatest and powerful warriors in the history of the Matoran Universe. Because of this, Verahk occasionally passes along his knowledge to those who seek it; known students of his are Icarax, Antroz, Gorast, and Zevrahk to name but a few.

He also has a habit of claiming weapons and masks from vanquished foes as trophies.

As a Makuta, Verahk possesses powerful elemental Shadow powers, abilities which after many centuries of use, he has fully mastered. He can even use his Shadow powers to heal others, should he feel it necessary. He also possesses shape-shifting abilities, Kraata production, great strength, and the forty-two Kraata powers. He can also manipulate Protodermis, knowledge granted to him by Tren Krom like the rest of his kind.

After the events of Karda Nui took place, Verahk became one of the most powerful beings in the Matoran Universe, with his sheer might exceeding that of Tren Krom. Even after having a great deal of power drained from him by Hydros, Verahk's power remained far stronger than that of almost any being in the Matoran Universe. Even after the energies he absorbed were depleted, Verahk still remains an extremely powerful individual. Like all the Makuta, Verahk evolved past the point of needing a body, and is therefore just energy inside armor.

Verahk has also trained himself to shield his mind from telepathy and other forms of mind reading. This ability is so great, that he can even shield the presence of himself and others from beings as powerful as Teridax whilst controlling the Great Spirit Robot, should he have the extra power necessary to perform such a feat.

He is also the only Makuta who knows how to properly create and repair Makuta armor, knowledge usually only accessible by Artakha and the Nynrah Ghosts. He gained the knowledge when he absorbed a Nynrah Ghost Matoran into his essence. Verahk, however, never told his fellow Makuta of this, as he believed that bit of information could possibly save his life had his brethren ever tried to kill him.

Mask & Tools[]

Verahk wears the Kanohi Kiril, the Great Mask of Regeneration, which allows him to "heal" any damage done to his protective armor. He occasionally wore a Kanohi Olmak that Makuta Orriki gave him, though did not use it frequently. His primary weapon is his Blade of Mutation, a bladed tool that can release an energy that can mutate almost any being into a form as powerful, or less powerful than they originally were. It can also be used to focuse his own powers.

Like other Makuta, Verahk wields or has wielded a number of other tools, many of which are trophies of past victories: He has been known use staffs, swords (many of which having been claimed from Toa killed in combat), Tridax Pods, and a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. He is also known to use his razor-sharp claws in combat.

Shortly before departing to Karda Nui, Verahk had his armor's resistance to the intense heat improved, so as to protect him from the energy produced by the Energy Storms and the element of Light. After having his armor upgraded by the former Nynrah Ghost Zenoke, Verahk's metal body now possesses the ability to reconstruct almost any tool and/or weapon the Makuta absorbs into his essence; an example being a Cordak Blaster he absorbed and then reconstituted.


Being a Makuta, Verahk has access to many powers, including shape shifting. Below is a list of known forms taken by Verahk.

Picture Form Description
Antidermis Antidermis Antidermis, like all Makuta, is the essence of Verahk. It is a greenish-black energy that is contained inside his armor, and if leaked, it can float as mist over the air and be collected. However, the energy will dissipate after a period of time.
SJ-34 020 Hunter form An agile form which Verahk was once most commonly seen in.
Bionicles 166 Shadow Panther form A form once used by Verahk in order gain a sample of Hydros' organic tissue.
SJ-81 002 Bat wing form The form which Verahk specially shape-shifted to in order to fly through the skies of Karda Nui.
SJ-106 041 Hydros form A form once used by Verahk in order to fool Hydros' teammates.
Bionicles 015 Swamp form A form used by Verahk to move in swamp-based environments.
Copy (2) of Bionicle45 033 Vortex form The form Verahk took as he absorbed energy from Karda Nui's atmosphere.
Bionicle20 260 Shadow Titan form A powerful form Verahk transformed into after absorbing Frezako, a Shadow Panther, and massive amounts of Karda Nui's energies into his essence. Until recently, this became Verahk's favored form after he assumed the identity of Makuta Cordak
Copy of Bionicle55 045 Ultimate form Verahk's greatest form, he took this dragon-like appearance after absorbing yet more energy from Karda Nui's atmosphere in his final attempts to defeat Hydros and his team. In this form, Verahk towers over fifty feet in height.
Bionicle20 575 Enhanced Armor form A form Verahk assumed after having his armor enhanced.
Verahk Matoran Form Matoran form The form of a rebuilt Ta-Matoran from Mata Nui that Verahk utilized during a visit to Metru Nui. In this disguise, he uses the name "Raniza" as an alias.


As a Makuta, Verahk is an extremely skilled Rahi creator, and specialized in creating fierce predatory Rahi. He has great confidence in theses skills, even once going as far as declaring that whilst Makuta Mutran and Chirox were the masters of creating and changing Rahi, he was the master of perfecting their designs. While he usually only creates Rahi, Verahk is also known to bring sentient beings into creation, though he does this less frequently as intelligent beings have a greater chance of rebelling against him.

Bellow is a list of all of Verahk's known creations.

  • Rahi
    • Shadow Panther - Fierce cat-like reptiles that strike from the darkness. Verahk considers them his greatest creation.
      • Fang Tooth - An oddly colored Shadow Panther who originally acted as Verahk's pet.
    • Zorvahk - Powerful predatory reptiles that are near the top of the food chain.
      • Zorvahk Rex - A highly intelligent, mutant Zorvahk who Verahk exposed to Energized Protodermis.
    • Zusorahk - A massive, Zivon-like creature based off the earlier designs of Makuta Kojol's Kusorahk.
  • Others
    • Pyra - A female clone of Toa Hydros.
    • Zevrahk - A fusion of a number of different breeds of Rahkshi.
    • Chimerite - A powerful race created from tissue samples of Hydros and Proto-Beast.


Strength: 16
Agility: 19
Toughness: 17
Mind: 20


"Never underestimate your opponent my student. A battle is much like nature: Completely unpredictable. You may be mere moments from victory, only to have it snatched away at the last second."
―Verahk to Icarax
"The only thing that will be "finished" here, creature, is you."
―Verahk to Proto-Beast, The Hydros Chronicles
"Mutran and Chirox may be masters of creating and altering Rahi; I am a master of perfecting them."
―Verahk to Shados, The Hydros Chronicles
"Simple. We first unleash our weapon to destroy Scotho's team, along with the Toa Nuva. We will then destroy the Codrex. With the Nuva and the Codrex destroyed, Mata Nui will never awaken. We will then lead the Brotherhood to conquest."
―Verahk to Frezako, The Hydros Chronicles
"Yes... All the pieces of my plan are falling into place."
―Verahk, The Hydros Chronicles
"He must have his mask on too tight. He's lost it."
―Proto-Beast on Verahk The Hydros Chronicles
"Everything is going according to my millennia-long plan... As it did... as it must... as it always will."
―Verahk, The Hydros Chronicles
"You've ceased to be amusing to me, Toa. It's about time I put you out of my misery."
―Verahk in Hydros' dream, Nightmare
"Then go, my sons. Travel to Zakaz and retrieve my Toa and my jewel. And for those who stand in your way... Show no mercy."
―Verahk to his Rahkshi, Society of Guardians
Verahk and Raniza by Komodozilla

Verahk combined with Raniza.


  • The design of Verahk's original form was based off of General Grievous, a character from the Star Wars saga.
  • Verahk's Phantoka form was based off the appearance of the gargoyles, creatures from the Disney series, Gargoyles.
  • Verahk was originally going to be known as "X" following the incident with the Vahi, though the name was later scrapped in favor of the alias of Cordak.
    • It was also planned that as Makuta "X," he would have a mutant Energy Hound named Fang as his pet, though this idea was also scrapped.


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