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The Kanohi Veneron is the Mask of Infinity. Whilst not a legendary Kanohi, it is still extremely powerful, and often referred to as legendary or simply misconceived as so.


Grants the wearer powers over the element of Infinity, and thus potentially power over the very building blocks of the universe. However, it is very difficult for any being whose natural element is not Infinity to control it, as has been shown in the past. Its Matoran creators gave it to one of their Toa guardians for use, but the Toa was literally torn open by the sheer power the mask contained.


Example Usage[]

Ancratahka used the Kanohi Veneron to strengthen his elemental powers in his various battles against the Vorgaan.


  • Only one Veneron exists.
  • As Infinity is an element which manifests within Matoran of its type, it is possible that Ackis could also use the Veneron.