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Spherus Magna Rebels
Leader of the Tesara Guard
Non-elemental Lightning powers
Zapper Tridents

Vendrak is an Agori of the Jungle Tribe, leader of Tesara, and member of the Spherus Magna Rebels.


During the Core War, Vendrak remained in Tesara, plotting with the generals of Tesara to help win the war. After the war ended and the Shattering occured, Vendrak wound up on Bara Magna.

On Bara Magna, Vendrak went to the old Iron Tribe village to find possible weapons and instead found a secret tribe of beings up north. He then found a secret Element Lord, known as the Element Lord of Electricity, who gave him non-elemental Lightning powers.

He then returned to Tesara, where Vendrak trained with his new abilities. The village leaders then decided on making Vendrak a new official Glatorian. He accepted the title and went back to training.

During his first arena match, Vendrak was placed against Tarix from the Water Tribe. He then won using his powers.

When the fight at Roxtus occurred, Vendrak was present. He then defeated many Skrall, and in the end, he was even able to beat fifteen Elite Skrall.

When Spherus Magna was reformed, Vendrak was made leader of the newly formed Tesara Guard. He also secretly joined the Spherus Magna Rebels as one of the many members. The rest of the guard was also convinced to help out the rebels.

About two years later, he journeyed to Vulcanus, where he and Skovax had a brief discussion before Vendrak headed back to Tesara. Skovax later showed up at the Jungle Tribe village, where Ackar also arrived later. During this time, Levrak, Medran, and Vendrak got Ackar arrested, while Skovax killed the leader and leading council for Tesara, excluding his allies on the council.

In the few months that the war had been going on, Vendrak had been leading Tesara. After one council meeting, he had left the building and was given a telepathic message, in which a voice told him about what would come in the future, along with several images.

Weapons and Powers[]

Vendrak didn't have any weapons, but after his discovery, he received two Zapper Tridents and non-elemental lightning powers. Being an Agori, he doesn't wear and cannot use Kanohi