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NOTE: this is not the actual color of the land.

Veman Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran and Rahi, pretty much.
Former ResidentsRahi beasts
LocationMiddle of the Great Ocean
Size580 square miles including Duros Island.
MakutaNone until recently
PronunciationVEH-man NOO-ee

Veman Nui is the home of many creatures and Matoran. It is divided into 6 provinces, He-Vema, Nu-Vema, Ur-Vema, and Eos-Vema, along with the seceded island of Jar-Vema, each with its own unique language and archictectual types. The center of government is the High Council consisting of Turaga from each province, exept for Jar-Vema, which has its own government. The Matoran of this land are militaristic and always ready for war.

The land is mostly plains with sparse vegetation and trees. However, the capitals of each province more urban and densely populated. In the center of the island is the enourmous High Council Building, with a tall spire extending past the clouds.


The inhabitants of Veman Nui.

He Matoran: He Matoran are notable for their expert marksmanship and forging abilities. Some of the best guns in Veman Nui come from He-Vema. Paragarux hails from He-Vema.

Ur Matoran: Mostly hostile and militaristic, the Ur Matoran are kept in check only by the High Council. Some are worried that Ur-Vema migh secede from the union just like Jar-Vema. Ur Matoran don't seem to like Jar Matoran very much, though.

Nu Matoran: Not much is to be said about the Nu Matoran. The tend to keep to themselves and not get too involved in wars or politics. They are expert marksmen and utilize long range plasma rifles to take out enemies.

Eos Matoran: Like the Ur Matoran, the Eos Matoran dislike the Jar Matoran very much, partially because they captured some of their land. The Eos Matoran are mostly polititians, and the High Council consists of several members who are Eos Matoran.

Jar Matoran: The infamous Jar Matoran are disliked by many of the other provinces because they drew away from the union and attacked the mainland. They are very violent and harsh and the Capital city is filled with crime and violence. They hire a lot of bounty hunters to do their dirty work and some are even agents of Makuta himself. In short, don't go there.

The rest of the inhabitants are Rahi and spirits.