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Velocity (Echo 1)
Gold and Black

Velocity is an elemental power and is represented by the colors of Gold and Black.


Velocity is a power that allows a user to increase or decrease his or her own speed, much like a Kanohi Kakama. One can also slow down or speed up an intended target. If a user has mastered control over it, they can even slow down multiple objects at once, similar to the effects of the Vahi, but not tampering with time.

Other powers include the ability to fly without wings, and move inanimate and unmoving objects at great speeds.

Only a Toa can unleash a velocity nova blast, however.


  • Matoran of Velocity
  • Toa of Velocity
  • Turagah of Velocity


  • There is another article of the same name.
  • A Toa of Velocity wearing a Kakama would be pointless.
  • Most wielders of this element have a hatred of waiting, and have the inability to stay put for more than five minutes.