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The Kanohi Vehlt is the Great Mask of Binding. It allows the user to bind two to four targets together with energy chains. The stength of the chains and the length of times that they manifest depends on the will of the mask wearer

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Vehlt are made from Reconstitute at Random, Freeze, and Remove Poison Kanoka.


Example Usage[]

  • Toa Psyra used the mask to bind two clones of Nektann together, in the battle with the Disciples of Vradok.
  • Toa Psyra used the mask to bind a flying Rahi to a rock in order to stop it getting away with a powerful stolen Kanohi.


  • Vehlt fell out of production on Metru Nui 80,000 years ago as they were known to backfire if the user's will was not strong enough.