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Fenkari, Tychon (Formerly)
Laser Siphon Blade

Vectivax is a transformed Toa who walks a fine line between good and evil.


Vectivax used to be a Matoran, and then a Toa. One day, he found a pool of energized Protodermis, and was pushed in by a being known as a Skrall. He emerged as a greater being, with strange powers. He used these powers to fight evil, as a great hero known by all the Matoran.

But, eventually, he saw that being a hero was not enough. To keep order and peace, he wasn't going to be liked. It would probably be the opposite.

When more terrorists started to attack, Vectivax found that in order to save the islands he travelled across, and to save the Matoran who knew and loved him, he would have to break the code of the Toa. And that meant killing the oppressors.

After a long time of this fighting, he came to realise that to save the majority, some innocent Matoran or Toa were going to die. Hesitating when acting on this, a Skakdi terrorist escaped into the night. He knew what he had to do. That night, the Skakdi was killed, along with his Matoran hostage. The local enforcers found 'some kind of laser mark'. Within a couple of days, everyone had worked out what Vectivax had done.

Cast out of these lands, threatened if he came back, Vectivax struck out on his own. He began taking jobs with smaller groups of bounty hunters, committing heinous crimes with them but ultimately betraying them in the brief moments when his conscience won out. Eventually, however, his crimes caught up with him and he was defeated by the Order of Mata Nui, who sentenced him to the Pit. During the Great Cataclysm, he was killed by another inmate.

Some time later, Ihu accidentaley brought Vectivax back to life when his Kanohi Tryna's powers were charged by his own immortality. Vectivax escaped from the Pit, and his current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Vectivax's name and traits are based on Darth Vectivus from Star Wars: Legacy of the Force.
  • Vectivax chose a Fenkari, the Mask of Acid, to sell his darker, malevolent persona, consciously breaking the Toa code.