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"Vayk is very deadly, but it is nothing unless it gets into someone, that is the only good thing about it."
Eltru talking to a matoran on Terith Ruw.
Vayk poison

Vayk poison is a virus that was made by Kaylar then handed over to Rack to change matoran into Mutated matoran.



When it was created is unknown. The creator, Kaylar, made it and some how got it to Rack.

Terith Ruw[]

On Terith Ruw, Rack had most of the matoran there gather, then Kaylar, who arrived with the Glea, infected them with it, Ned was the first. So they got that job, and Makarray being one of them. After the all that was done Kaylar left, taking Vayk with her.


Vayk pretty much turns it's victims into slaves, obeying their leader without question and doing anything, even killing themselves, a true virus. Vayk victims are taller then they were, and since they obey without question to their Kayzzar or leader, they are usually much better fighters then how they were before. Even though it's victims are little more then slaves, they can still think for themselves, similar to shadow matoran. Vayk also gives it's victims greater speed and strength.

Known victims[]

Most of the matoran on Terith Ruw, but the most feared and loyal is Ned, the first and the best. And a lot of matoran that guard Kaylar.


  • Vayk can mutate more then just matoran.
  • Vayk appears something like a mist.