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Alpha Being

Vavakx was an illustrious Alpha Being who ruled as Emir of his species and their homelands of Takiw Nui and the New Takiw Nui. He was also a founding member of the Spherus Magna Council.


Like most Alpha Beings, Vavakx hails from Takiw Nui.

One fateful day, Mersny, the ruling Emir of the Alpha Beings, unveiled a disturbing proposition to exterminate the Matoran populace and establish the Alpha Beings as the chosen race of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Vavakx vehemently opposed this notion, expressing profound disdain. Enraged by Vavakx's defiance, Mersny challenged him to a formidable duel. Emerging triumphant from the clash, Vavakx claimed Mersny's spear and ascended as his rightful successor.

In due course, Vavakx encountered a gravely wounded Skakdi named Deriahk and, moved by compassion, brought him to Takiw Nui for medical treatment. Filled with gratitude for his salvation, Deriahk pledged unwavering loyalty to Vavakx and eventually assumed the role of both a trusted bodyguard and a cherished confidant.

One day, Vavakx found himself in possession of a unique mask accompanied by a request from the Makuta known as Zakkond. The mask served as an emblem of Zakkond's entreaty for Vavakx to fulfill the role of Takiw Nui's designated Makuta guardian on behalf of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Intrigued by the mask's allure, Vavakx accepted the request. However, when the Brotherhood of Makuta's insidious plot to overthrow Mata Nui was unveiled, Vavakx swiftly exiled Zakkond, severing ties with the treacherous organization.

Shortly thereafter, Vavakx embarked on a journey alongside Veuy to a humble Matoran village, guided by the conviction that a particular Matoran named Kylord possessed an extraordinary destiny. Upon locating Kylord, they escorted him away from his village, ensuring his preparation for the momentous path that lay ahead. Regrettably, news soon reached Vavakx of a brutal Makuta assault on the village, resulting in the tragic demise of the remaining Matoran inhabitants.

Takiw-Nui War

Centuries later, a formidable assault was launched by the Brotherhood of Makuta upon Takiw Nui as a retaliatory measure following Zakkond's expulsion. Seeking refuge within the secure confines of the Takiw Nui Tower, Vavakx remained under vigilant protection throughout the duration of the conflict.

Five years elapsed before Vavakx received a directive from one of his trusted bodyguards, Guhjii, instructing him to engage in a diplomatic meeting with Makuta Nutrex, the leader of the opposing forces. However, unbeknownst to Vavakx, this meeting was an assassination plot. Despite the attempt's failure, Deriahk promptly responded by unleashing a formidable superweapon that effectively turned the tide of the war in their favor. Soon thereafter, the war drew to a close.

Reign of Shadows

During Teridax's dominion over the Matoran Universe, Vavakx skillfully harnessed the power of his Mask of Space to envelop Takiw Nui within a dimensional loop, isolating the region from the influence of the Makuta and safeguarding its inhabitants. Throughout this period, he dispatched numerous agents beyond the loop to provide aid to the struggling denizens of the universe and gather survivors.

Spherus Magna

Following Teridax's demise, Vavakx, alongside all the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, migrated to Spherus Magna to embark upon a new chapter in their lives. Notably, he played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the Spherus Magna Council.

The Invasion

As the capital city of Metru Magna faced invasion by the Chorak, Vavakx guided the populace to seek refuge within the safety of the designated Spherus Magna Refuge. Concurrently, he rallied a group consisting of Deriahk, Brutaka, Peduik, and the Dark Hunter Frustrator to embark upon a crucial mission: the search for the missing Agori elder, Gryk.

Gryk was successfully rescued and escorted back to the refuge. In a moment of revelation, Gryk proposed a potential salvation for Spherus Magna — the fabled Kanohi Gebuk, Mask of Wishes. Inspired by this newfound hope, Vavakx promptly organized teams to undertake the arduous quest for the mask.

Shortly thereafter, the unexpected arrival of Makuta Nutrex at the refuge unfolded, with the Mask of Wishes firmly in his possession. A fierce confrontation ensued between Vavakx and the Makuta, during which Nutrex exploited the powers of the Gebuk to transfer his life essence into another mask within the room — the Mask of Chaos. This process inadvertently unleashed Hantrek, the malevolent spirit imprisoned within the mask. As Deriahk, Vilrohk, and Pakark came to his aid, Hantrek managed to escape.

Subsequently, the Mask of Wishes awakened its sentience, unveiling the identity of its destined bearer: the enigmatic Dark Hunter known as Kapokhed. In light of this revelation, Vavakx dispatched Deriahk and Vilrohk to the Dark Hunters' encampment to gather essential intelligence, while he himself embarked on the pursuit of Hantrek. Unfortunately, Vavakx fell prey to the Chorak, now allied with Hantrek, and was subsequently imprisoned within the Council Headquarters in Metru Magna.

In a remarkable turn of events, Vavakx was eventually rescued from captivity by his comrades, and together they confronted Hantrek, who had initiated the self-destruct sequence within the Headquarters. Hantrek unveiled to Vavakx the origins of the Alpha Beings and divulged her own past as their creator. Engaging in a final climactic battle, Vavakx, aided by Deriahk's intervention, succeeded in vanquishing Hantrek once and for all.

As the explosion loomed, Vavakx and Deriahk managed to escape the crumbling structure, reuniting with their fellow survivors who had successfully evaded perilous circumstances with assistance from the Chorak. In a significant turn of events, the Chorak embraced peace after Vavakx confirmed Hantrek's treachery, while Kapokhed harnessed the power of the Kanohi Gebuk to usher in an era of enduring tranquility for the survivors. However, unbeknownst to them, Hantrek had not perished in the blast, and she inflicted a grievous wound upon Kapokhed.

To revive Kapokhed and fulfill the wish, Toa Kryehk relinquished her Toa power and became a Turaga, while the Mask of Wishes was reactivated, imprisoning Hantrek's spirit within the confines of the Mask of Chaos once more. Vavakx claimed the Mask of Chaos, promptly teleporting it to a distant universe, ensuring that it would never again pose a threat to any being. Amidst these events, Pakark betrayed his allies and fled with the Mask of Wishes.

Vavakx, alongside the surviving cohorts, engaged in the task of rebuilding Metru Magna in the aftermath of the devastating conflict.


One millennia elapsed following the events of The Invasion, during which Vavakx and Deriahk were chosen to accompany Turaga Tahu on a mission to the southern kingdom of Xianori in a bid to resolve an ongoing conflict. Entrusting Metru Magna to Veuy's care, they ventured forth.

During their absence, Makuta Pakark reemerged, intent on using the Kanohi Gebuk to unleash cataclysmic destruction upon the world. However, Veuy thwarted his nefarious scheme. Brimming with pride, Vavakx commended Veuy for his unwavering dedication and subsequently decided to interrogate Pakark within his cell. Vavakx was confronted with the disheartening sight of Pakark's descent into a state of savage madness, realizing that the Makuta had become irrevocably consumed by his own derangement.

Old Grievances and death

Years later, a momentous event occurred as the Alpha Spear reactivated from its prolonged dormancy. This reawakening signified the return of Mersny, Vavakx's predecessor. Fully aware of the imminent threat that Mersny posed, Vavakx swiftly initiated a heightened state of alert within the city of Metru Magna.

Convening with the other Alpha Beings, Vavakx shared the grave news and subsequently sought refuge within an underground bunker, accompanied by Veuy. Precisely three days following the reactivation of the Alpha Spear, Mersny dramatically descended upon Metru Magna, his arrival resulting in a catastrophic crash.

Leading an army of abominations, Mersny relentlessly advanced towards Vavakx's secure bunker, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Vavakx was rescued from impending peril by Manauhk, who promptly transported him to a remote camp away from the city. Meanwhile, Veuy valiantly remained within Metru Magna, dedicating himself to assisting survivors in their desperate escape.

In due course, news reached Vavakx that Veuy had been captured by Mersny. Fueled by determination, Vavakx resolved to confront his nemesis head-on. Departing from the camp, he embarked upon a solitary journey towards the summit of a towering structure within Metru Magna, the very location where Veuy was held captive.

Upon arriving at the pinnacle of the building, Vavakx finally found himself face to face with Mersny, prepared for an epochal clash between the two Alpha Beings. A fierce duel ensued, with Mersny and Vavakx employing their formidable powers, weapons, and martial skills, each combatant proving evenly matched throughout the arduous battle. After several grueling minutes of combat, Mersny unleashed a colossal magnetic wave with the intent to obliterate Veuy. However, Vavakx, in a resolute act of defiance, intervened mid-attack, ensnaring himself and Mersny within a spatial loop.

Fully aware that this spatial loop would ultimately lead to their mutual destruction, Vavakx telepathically transmitted his final farewell to Veuy, designating him as his rightful successor. Gradually, the spatial loop enclosing the two Alpha Beings began to contract, engulfing everything within its grasp until it culminated in their annihilation. While Mersny faced his demise with agony and despair, Vavakx met his fate with unwavering pride in his accomplishments.

Thus, Vavakx, the esteemed Emir of Takiw Nui, a revered leader and sagacious figure among the Alpha Beings, passed away.


In the wake of Vavakx's untimely demise, Veuy ascended to the position of Emir of the Alpha Beings, assuming all of Vavakx's titles and responsibilities.

As an influential historical figure and revered member of the illustrious Spherus Magna Council, Vavakx's death reverberated deeply among his followers. The Alpha Beings embarked upon an extended period of mourning, devoting substantial time to reorganizing under Veuy's leadership.

In keeping with the cherished tradition of honoring noteworthy individuals, a statue was erected in Metru Magna's central square, serving as a lasting tribute to the indomitable spirit and unwavering legacy of Vavakx.

Tragically, Vavakx's demise had far-reaching consequences; without his presence and oversight, the Spherus Magna Council began to show serious signs of corruption. This eventually led to a chain of events culminating in a Rebellion in Xianori.

Abilities and Traits

Vavakx, an esteemed Alpha Being, possessed a deliberate and contemplative approach to life, skillfully adapting to unforeseen circumstances when his original plans failed. With an analytical mind, he deftly employed strategic maneuvers to accomplish his objectives. Renowned for his devastating powers and honed skills, he also took deliberate measures to fortify his reputation.

Moreover, Vavakx was a prolific author, his treatises on social sciences gaining widespread popularity and serving as foundational texts in Ga-Metru schools and the esteemed University of Spherus Magna in Xianori. Notably, he had an avid interest in collecting antiques, further showcasing his diverse pursuits.

As an Alpha Being, Vavakx had complete control over his physical form. Additionally, he possessed the power of telepathy, enabling him to communicate and probe the thoughts of others.

Mask and Tools

Initially wearing a Great Kanohi Miru, Vavakx later transitioned to donning the legendary Mask of Space, bestowing upon him absolute control over spatial dimensions.

Symbolizing his position as the Emir of the Alpha Beings, Vavakx donned armor made of protochromium, serving as a resplendent testament to his authority. In his arsenal, he wielded the Alpha Spear, an iconic emblem of leadership among his kind. However, Vavakx predominantly favored a Bara Magna Shield as his primary weapon, adeptly wielding it with precision and finesse.


Embracing his role as the Emir of the Alpha Beings, Vavakx commanded unwavering control over his kind and their claimed territories. Additionally, he maintained a corps of loyal servants at his beck and call, further augmenting his influential standing.

Notably, Vavakx possessed a formidable Toa army known as the Toa Takiw, who dutifully served under his leadership. Safeguarding him at all times, Deriahk, his trusted confidant, fulfilled the role of Vavakx's personal bodyguard, ensuring his safety and protection.


  • Vavakx was the winner of the first annual Best Page of the Year competition, which began in 2008.
  • Diebeq chose to assign the Miru as Vavakx's original mask in honor of his first Bionicle set: Toa Mata Lewa.