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The Kanohi Vaskata is a Legendary Kanohi.


The Legendary Kanohi Vaskata, the Mask of Matter, is one of the six Legendary masks: Ignika, Vahi, Dula, Guhjii, Phiki, and itself. The Vaskata can create matter: air, earth, space, any thing with mass and matter. It is believed the Great Beings used the Vaskata to create the BIONICLE planet. Using the Mask causes the user to usually die. It was used by Takava to remove Teridax from Mata Nui's body by giving his spirit physical form.


Forged by the Great Beings over 100,000,000 years ago, the Vaskata is older than any of the Legendary Kanohi, and by far the least important. The Kanohi Vaskata has a mind of its own, like the Ignika. It will not defend its self, but overwhelm its wearer. one year ago, Anthroz and Pirukua discovered its existence on Destral. Takava took the mask with him to Karda Nui, and using it it the center of the Core, he destroyed the Makuta residing in the core, and stopped Teridax from using Mata Nui's body any longer.


The Kanohi Vaskata looks like a Light drained Avokohii, except gold

Known Users[]

  • Great Beings
  • Toa Takava (deseased)