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Huge Dude
Altronia Enforcer
Strength, Size

"You are obviously ignorant for challenging me. Allow me to educate you. I am a member of the Order of Altronia. I have been a warrior for millenia, a hero for centuries. I have been vanquishing the wicked since before you existed. Therefore I am out of your class."
―Varoak to some idiotic mercenaries that he later owned

Varoak is a giant operative of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Varoak came into being from an unknown species of origin.

He joined the Order of Altronia at some point, and has acted as heavy artillery and order enforcer for Faxhuun.

He flattened four gangsters with one swipe of his blade to stop a fight in a bar that Quake and Torluv were part of, and, after the pair was recruited, accompanied Razii back to Altronia.

Powers and Equipment[]

Varoak may or may not have any actual powers, but if he has them, it may be unnecessary to use them, due to his natural abilities which allow him to own four Toa-sized figures with one blow.

Varoak is very strong, seeing as he wields a fifteen-foot long spear and is twelve feet tall. He has been seen to flatten four Toa-sized beings with one swipe, and could probably do much more with more of them.

Personality and Traits[]

Not much is known of Varoak's personality, but Razii describes him as a brute, so he might be violent on a regular basis, or Razii could have been teasing. Varoak has had no dialogue as yet, mainly because of his brief appearance, but it is possible that he can't.

There is simply a shortage of facts about his personality.


  • How on Spherus Magna did he get into the bar if he's so tall? He must have ducked, or the bar's ceiling was high enough to accommodate him.
  • Comments on the blog post where his design was revealed have decided that he's awesome.
  • He looks like a minotaur. A lot.
  • His name was partially based off of the oak tree, to give the impression he is strong and tough as crud nails.
  • Argh imagined him as blue initially, as well as having a mask, basically being one of Brutaka's species, but changed his mind when he saw Sidd's imagining of him.