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This article is about the character in Realm of Conquest. You may be looking for Vamprah(source).

Vamprah is a member of the Makuta in the Realm of Conquest series.

Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi Avsa
claw hooks, bladed wings
Makuta base


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Vamprah hatched from his canister along with the other Phantoka Makuta, and they soon reuninted with their Mistika counterparts to establish a base. Not long after, they were attacked by Barrage and a squad of Vahki, where Vamprah and Bitil fought Vorzakh. Vamprah weakened him using his mask, and then Bitil defeated him. Vamprah and the other Makuta then attacked the Toa. Although the Toa managed to take down a few Makuta, Vamprah's team was victorious.

The Makuta then mounted another attack on the Toa, now equipped with their battle armor. Vamprah defeated Pohatu and Spike easily. However, the Toa got his revenge, beating Vamprah back and retrieveing his mask.

In the battle for the Codrex, Vamprah battled Pohatu and Spike again, this time ending in a tie.

Part 2[]

Vamprah and Gorast teamed up to participate in the Tag-Team Tournament, which they lost in the first round to Illusion and Rumblor. When the match ended, He took on Rumblor again, but the Somets retreated.

He and Bitil were dispatched to recover a piece of Golden Armor on the roof, which they did, defeating Watragon in the process. Being a Makuta of water, he went to recover the second piece, but was defeated by all 6 Barraki. When Illusion disguised himself to steal the Makuta's pieces, Vamprah suspected him, but did not act.

In the final battle, he fought and defeated several Cheberaks.

Prestigious Invaders[]

Vamprah appeared again in season 2 when he watched the battle between Illusion and Antroz. Later, when the Imperial Army issued their challenge, he ended up having to face Garritron in the first battle. much to his surprise, his Mask power was unable to affect Garritron and he was defeated.

Personality and Traits[]

Not much is known about Vamprah's personality since he does not speak, but he often chooses not to act when he probably should.

Powers and Equipment[]

Vamprah, being a Makuta, had control of the Kraata powers. He was also equipped with claw hooks, bladed wings, and a Mask of Hunger that could steal a target's energy.

Strength: 9
Agility: 14
Toughness: 12
Mind: 13