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Valmai stones

Were Toa Stones created by the Turaga of Valmai, Akda and Ussilus while they were Toa. They and the other four Toa on their team created six, one for every Toa Valmai. They were recovered from their hiding places by Arthryx.

Beige Toa Stone[]

Was hidden in abandoned hut in the desert, protected by a pack of Roporak.

Clear Toa Stone[]

Arthryx found it hidden near the peak of Mount Nui, in a cave, protected by two Frostelus.

Viridian Toa Stone[]

Arthryx found it deep in the jungle, protected by a vacuum sphere, which spread in a 7 foot radius each way around the stone.

Cyan Toa Stone[]

Arthryx found it in a completely flooded sea cave along a rocky part of the coastline.

Grey Toa Stone[]

Arthryx found it several thousand feet below the ground at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft, protectedby a Master Nektann.

Orange Toa Stone[]

It was found on an island of volcanic rock, in the center of a lava lake.