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Vahlong Knights
Vahlong Knights Information
Species AffliationNo species, Toa
AlliesOrder of Mata Nui
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta, Dark Hunters
LeaderNone, last leader was Jarelis
HomelandMatoran Universe
GoalTo destroy all kinds of evil.

The Vahlong Knights were an ancient order of good-doers who protected the weak and innocent against evil forces. It was later destroyed by Teridax and the Makuta when the Vahlong Knight Durost betrayed the Vahlong Knights and transformed into a vicious Makuta.


The Vahlong Knights was founded by the Toa Vahlong, one of the first teams of Toa. They were later killed by an unknown evil species. The only survivor was Jarelis, who took up the mantle as the Vahlong Knights' leader. He ruled for thousands of years, and his generals were Taruin, a former Matoran, and Taruin's closest friend, Durost.

Fall of The Vahlong Knights[]

Teridax had convinced Durost that the Makuta were better than the Vahlong Knights, and Durost had ultimately betrayed the Vahlong Knights. Durost slew Taruin while Teridax exiled Jarelis into an unknown dimension. Meanwhile, the Makuta had defeated the Vahlong Knight forces and drove some of them out. The rest who were not driven out had died in battle. Because of this, the Vahlong Knights ultimately disbanded.


However, when Vlakro learns that there was a Vahlong Knight organization on Spherus Magna long before it split up, he decided to look for the remains of it. He takes Takanuva, Lewa, Pohatu, Ackar, and Kiina with him on this journey.


  • Jeralis (leader, deceased
  • Taruin (deceased)
  • Numerous unidentified Toa (most of them are deceased)

Former Members[]

  • Durost (became a Makuta)