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"Back in my day, we didn't have all these fancy swords that spit ice or what have you. We had sticks, and we made do with those sticks."

Vagnus is a very old Ko-Matoran hermit, and former Rahi hunter and medic.


Early History

Like other Ko-Matoran, Vagnus was created by Mata Nui at the Great Forge on Osar, with small amounts of Elemental Stone bound to Ice, and place to live on the island of Metru Nui. Rumors abound that he was the first Matoran to be created.

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At some point, Vagnus became a Rahi hunter, the medic of a pack led by Norn. Under Norn's leadership, the hunters found shelter in a cave during a blizzard on Belkadan's Ridge. Vagnus expressed his desire to return to their city empty-handed, dissatisfied with the amount of time they had spent hunting, and lack of results.

He participated in the following skirmish against a muaka in the cave, throwing the spear that killed it by piercing its brain. In the aftermath, he offered what medical aid he could to the wounded.


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Abilities and Traits

Like all Ko-Matoran, Vagnus has a high tolerance for cold temperatures.

Vagnus is renowned for being antisocial and grumpy, even more so than his fellow Ko-Matoran. He prefers the isolation at the edge of the mountains over the greater Ko-Matoran cities, and claims that in isolation, he can get some good old-fashioned peace and quiet. He enjoys complaining about anything and everything, and has a somewhat morbid sense of humor.

Mask and Tools

Vagnus wears a gray Kanohi Ruru. As a Rahi hunter, he carried a pack of medical supplies and a spear. He currently carries a simple walking staff.


  • Vagnus was originally slated to be a Fe-Matoran, but due to the MARVELOUS-Verse naming conventions implemented in mid 2018, he was changed to a Ko-Matoran instead.