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"I would have killed you long ago Doralin, for I would have been the leader of the Naiahchite Assasins... But love overpowered me. And I love you, so I must not be evil as I once thought I was."
―Uuranaiiha to Doralin
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Uuranaiiha was the only daughter of Juurakian ( the leader of the Nihackite assasins ) and was the first female heir to the position of viceroy of the assasin group in over 75,620 years. She went through the advanced training through the eyes of the Nihackite profet. He saw the good in her heart and knew it would someday make her a being of good instead of evil. And that happened, 2,349 years later, when a traveler passed through the woods in which she was training. He saw her and thought that she was beautifull, and immediately went over to her. At first Uuranaiiha attacked him, but after a short battle, she had pinned the stranger to the ground. She asked him his name, and he said, Duralin. Duralin was the heir to the only group that opposed the Nihackite Assasins. And so she stopped and said that she would spare his life if he left. But he didnt, and eventually she said she would meet him another day. Thus beginning their tale of love. Eventually her father learned about their love and forced his daughter to leave the group. She did and is now on the run from Nihackite assasins with Duralin.


Uuranaiiha had a very aggressive attitude to anyone who challenged her, she was an extremely skilled fighter. Currently she has a much more passive and submissive attitude, unless provoked or she is fighting for Duralin. She has one female child named Horichalan whose whereabouts are currently unknown.


She uses two swords to fight but sometimes uses her fists.