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Utopia is a story about an alternate universe where the Mata Nui Robot crashed into Bara Magna and ended up creating an enormous, dark wasteland in the remains of the former Mata Nui Robot in which the main city, called Utopia, is ruled by a strict government and the tyranny of the Universal Enforcement Alliance.


Millions, maybe even billions of years ago, the universe was nothing, all that existed at the time was darkness, never ending darkness, a darkness so strong that it could destroy every single being in one second...

But then, in the infinite clouds of darkness, a light came, a light that was brighter than the darkness would ever be. The being known as Kronos came into existance.

Kronos' first deed was create a planet to live on, calling it Infinus Magna, and shortly ater he created the embodiments of the elements of Time and Space, Temporus and Spacius, who both had powers to control the fabrics of Time and Space. Temporus was assigned to keeping the fabric of Time in balance, whilst Spacius was assigned to a much larger task, that would require infinite powers; the creation of universes, with planets and stars in them, as well as beings to occupy the territories on the planets.

After all this had happened, Kronos created the rest of the Infinus, including the High-Class Infinus — otherwise referred to as "the Beasts of their elements" — to create beings of their own element, and to hold their own elements in control, as well as keeping Elemental Balance, a vital balance that, if damaged, could damage entire dimensions.

Kronos then created the Great Beings, a race of beings with the ability to create any being they wanted, and they were assigned to Spherus Magna, a planet created especially for the Great Beings to test their creations and visions on a natural environment. With the universe having been started, and the Great Beings having been set for their duties, Kronos was ready to rest, after those million years of work. And he did so, he started residing in a temple known as the Temple of Infinity, in which only one key, the Key to Infinity, would fit.

Kronos' sleep, however, did not result in rest for the other Infinus, as a rebellious group of Infinus, referring to themselves as the Mystery Guild, started acting against the Order of High Infinus, whose 1st commanders were Temporus and Spacius. This rebellion against the Order of High Infinus caused a massive war, taking the lives of 2 million Infinus, 300.000 Great Beings, 100.000.000 Toa and 50.000 Matoran, until its eventual end where Kronos was waken up to revoke the "Beast" powers of the leader of the rebellion, Titanus, and leaving him to live as a spirit, until he would regain a new body.

Millions of years after the Great Infinus War, the creation of the Great Spirit Mata Nui began, to inspect other planets for the Great Beings, whilst they themselves would reside at Spherus Magna. However, the beings on Spherus Magna found a substance known as Protodermis, leaking from the core of Spherus Magna, and a massive conflict known as the Core War was fought between those who wanted control over Protodermis, and, in the end, resulted in the Shattering, shattering Spherus Magna in 3 parts, Bara Magna, Bota Magna, and Aqua Magna, but the Great Spirit had luckily been launched just in time before The Shattering.

Mata Nui began its journey relatively in peace, until Titanus, the Infinus who led the Mystery Guild a very long time ago, managed to make the Mata Nui Robot crash into Bara Magna, one of the remnants of Spherus Magna. This event caused the remains of the Mata Nui Robot to become a whole cave system, and the main city, Metru Nui, becoming a new city, called Utopia by most. The most famous being who is known for having helped in the construction of the massive capitol, is Makuta Miserix, who became the leader and chairman of the Commonwealth of Utopia, the government that rules Utopia, and, as usual, a resistance was formed against the government, because of its tyrannical enforcement organization: The Universal Enforcement Alliance. Ever since the formation of the Resistance they have severely protested against the tyranny of the Universal Enforcement Alliance, but it always resulted in public beatings and exiles, and eventually, the majority of the Resistance was massacred, and they were scattered in small groups in villages far away from Utopia itself, and they are still trying to fight against the tyranny, even though they know they are being watched, everywhere they go...

—Recovered History Article from the Resistance, approximately 5000 years after the Great Crash

Chapter 1[]

Miserix sat, he sat in his throne, looking around the amazingly immense throne room, with its enormous golden pillars, and the chandelier, with its massive golden replica of the Kanohi Avohkii, which hung from the throne room's enormous dome, which was glass aligned with gold. The door was great and white, with golden doorknobs. The throne room sat at the top of what used to be the Coliseum, and the throne was made of gold and behind it, spitters that spat fire out whenever Miserix wanted them to. The throne room was one of the biggest chambers in the Palace, with only the Entrance Hall being bigger. Miserix was waiting for somebody, his advisor, to arrive in the throne room, but the advisor was later than Miserix had expected him to be.

Somebody opened the door.

Miserix sat up, looking at the being that slowly walked into the room.

The being was tall and green, with lime green eyes and large wings, as well as a large cape. The being, whose name is Valtrahk, was the Heading Administrator of the Universal Enforcement Alliance, and he had always been a good friend of Miserix, from the moment the latter became the emperor of Utopia.

"Sir, we have had another rally against us, which we had to stop it, yet again, by brutal force" Valtrahk said, in a cold tone that implied that it did not matter to him.

"And? So what? The Resistance has no word in our city, they have no word over us. All they do is rebel against us, but they can't even do the slightest thing against our sword and shield. Though I am disappointed, why is it that you always have to use brutal force to stop those protests? We can just tell them off" Miserix said, annoyed at yet another Resistance rally.

"Sir, you know that they may threaten our perfect, stabilized, and well-protected society, and we cannot let that happen" Valtrahk said, looking in Miserix's bright red eyes with his own lime green eyes.

"So true, we have created this stabilized, well-protected society for the Matoran and Agori to live together in harmony and not to do any harm to any of them" Miserix said, thinking of what would happen if his perfect society would fail to work out.

"Very well, keep up the work, and make sure to reinforce our iron wall whenever it is needed, we cannot let our civilization be destabilized, because that will cause many, many casualties, and I don't want that" Miserix said, proud of his advisor.

"Okay sir, will do. And, should I put the Heavy Enforcement Units on duty in case heavier protests will happen?" Valtrahk asked.

"Only put them on duty when really heavy protests happen, with projectiles being fired, otherwise you may not" Miserix replied.

Valtrahk left the room, thinking of the protests that would happen, and how heavy they would be.

Miserix sat once more, thinking of the next step in his plan to eliminate the Resistance, and what he would do once the Resistance would actually negotiate with him.

"Well, I guess, that will never happen with those.." Miserix thought.

Fyxan looked at the TV hanging on the wall in the small wooden shack, far away from Utopia, sitting in an old couch. The TV showed the annual festival of Utopia Day in Utopia, with the beings living there celebrating the formation of the city and its government, and Miserix's usual "Thank you" speech to the beings, who always cheered whenever he would do that.

Fyxan stood up, drank from his glass of Ga-Matoran energy juice, and then turned off the television, and walked away, out of the shack, to the biggest of the shacks in the dark, small town.

The town was located in between 2 mountains, and housed 6 shacks, all made from wood, and it was dimly lit by a large pole with a lamp that was always turned on when it became night, with the city of Utopia and its lights glowing faintly in the distance.

Fyxan walked to the largest shack, and opened the door. As he walked into the entrance hall, a small, cozy hall that was always lit by a small candle, and a small board, hanging on the door, saying "Those who resist, unite here", he put off his cloak, and hung it on the cupboard, as he opened the door to the living room, which was a long room, hosting 3 couches, a large round table, and 3 couches, with a TV hanging on the wall.

The beings sitting at the table looked up at Fyxan, and then, the cold voice of a being Fyxan knew all too well said "Welcome, Fyxan, why so late?", as Fyxan walked over to his seat in the table, and said "Oh Hendrax, I was gathering data on the latest plans of the Universal Enforcement Alliance, and it seems they are placing the Heavy Enforcement Units on the streets in the next rally, so we must watch out. After this, I noticed that my TV was still on, and saw a news broadcast of the annual Utopia Day celebration, saying that there will be a new Utopia Day, this week".

Hendrax frowned, and said "Then, I guess, we should go undercover to the Utopia Stadium that day, and we could follow Miserix and Valtrahk, because I suppose heavy rallies will occur in Utopia once again, and I feel that this year it will result in a bloody mess, and we must seek to prevent that, we cannot let the tyranny of the Universal Enforcement Alliance live any longer, because otherwise they will kill anyone that dares say a word that they think is a word of protest".

"Oh believe me, that's already happening, Hendrax" Fairon said, while looking at Hendrax, who nodded.

Valtrahk was looking at the plans for the Utopia Day and thought about how he should protect it, it was one of the most important aspects of the perfect society that was being formed, because it was an annual celebration day for the formation of the city of Utopia, where various ceremonies were always held, including the Opening Ceremony, with the Thanksgiving Speech, the Renaming Ceremony for those who wanted to rename themselves, the Prayer to the Infinus in the Utopia Cathedral, the Annual Parade, and, in the end, the famed Cathedral of Light, a light show which was considered beautiful art in the city of Utopia, and Miserix was present at all of those ceremonies, and Valtrahk was assigned to creating a special Protection Team that was around Miserix, the whole day, to protect him against the dangers that he might face during the day.

Valtrahk was always in a stress when it came down to this, seeing as, last year, his Protection Team was too busy handling the situation backstage so that Valtrahk himself was the only one left to protect his leader, with only an assault rifle in his hand to handle the situation should something go wrong. This year, Valtrahk assigned a special team to the backstage area, and a special team to the area up on Miserix's balcony, from where he would hold his speech, like every other year.

Valtrahk was a proud Kodax, proud of having been assigned to the Universal Enforcement Alliance and its forces, because he had been working with Miserix ever since they started building the city of Utopia and the ideas of its government to govern it. Valtrahk was a strategist, relying on strategy and his weapons to win a battle, not just relying on his powers, as Valtrahk was a fair being who wanted a fair fight, not an unfair, cheating way. Valtrahk's plans for a prison fortress had been realised, and everyone that was sentenced for less than 10.000 years would find themselves in that prison, whilst the others were shipped through to the darker cellar prisons, and the worst criminals were sentenced for life-long in the most hellish prison ever, the Twilight Realm, where the infamous Infinus of Twilight, Zant, had his reigns over the prison, it was even said that anyone that ever met Zant, was likely to become mentally unstable and unbelievable insane, some going so far that all they did was having very little forms of speech, and others speaking only in riddles. Valtrahk himself had spent a time there in the Twilight Realm, and had to see how the prisoners were doing, recalling some of the worst criminals of the Resistance, including Hendrax himself, who is the only one believed to having escaped the "Torturer's Grounds", as some dubbed the prison. Valtrahk had become insane shortly after meeting Zant, but his tactics haven't worsened because of that, in fact, he even learned more because of the journey, but he swore he would never go there, ever again.

Valtrahk then knew it, he assigned a team of specially built Rahkshi, nicknamed Exo-Rahkshi for their unbelievable power, to defend Miserix in any case, whilst Valtrahk himself would flank Miserix from behind, standing in the right back corner of the balcony, watching over the public that spectated the speech, whilst listening to the speech himself.

He walked out of his room, ordered 15 Exo-Rahkshi for his squad, and walked back to his office, where he would be meeting Fyxon, the brute bodyguard of Miserix, who was also a member of the Protection Team, to discuss the specific plans for in the case an assassination attempt was carried out.

"I'm uncertain of what will happen on Utopia Day this year..." Valtrahk thought worriedly.

Chapter 2[]

Early in the morning, Utopia's "suns" — the two former eyes of the Great Spirit Robot — rose, illuminating the city with a warm, welcoming light. Around this time, Matoran and Agori would wake up, and ready themselves for the festival that was coming: Utopia Day, the annual celebration day of the formation of Utopia. The day was regarded as an important aspect of community activity that happened throughout Utopia, and the government of Utopia always organized massive ceremonies for the celebration.

Miserix woke up early, with his room being lit by the morning "suns" that went through the glass roof of Miserix's bed room, as he stood and made himself ready for the Thanksgiving Speech, which was always used to open the ceremonies all day through. Miserix had, of course, thought out the plans of where his Protection Team would go should an assassination attempt be carried out, and went to the Entrance Hall of the Palace, where he was greeted by a tired looking Valtrahk.

"Good morning sir, your team is ready and the stadium's doors are opening in about...10 minutes" Valtrahk said, looking more nervous than the previous years.

"Why thank you, I guess it is time for me now to ready my speech and do the Morning Lobby in the Palace with other High Administration Staff. I'll see you there then" Miserix replied, smiling, as he walked away to the Lobby Hall, a somewhat smaller hall with a large dining table, a bar, and many smaller tables and seatings for the Morning Lobby, a private, Administration Staff-only event that happened early in the morning, just before the Thanksgiving Speech.

Miserix sat down in his grand chair, and soon his advisor Valtrahk came sitting to the right of him, whilst Fyxon sat to the left of him. The hall filled itself with beings in a fast pace, and, 10 minutes after Miserix had taken his seat, everybody was in.

"Hello everyone!" Miserix yelled, as a large applause came from his staff.

"Welcome to the Morning Lobby, an event for the Administration Staff only! Here you will get the best dishes in town, all made especially for YOU! Enjoy your time!" Miserix announced, then he sat down and started eating.

The atmosphere in the room was a pleasant one, everyone present was enjoying their dishes and they were actively talking with each other, and, amongst the many beings present, was Hendrax, who was spying on Valtrahk and Miserix, to contact his friends when they would leave to the Arena. Hendrax eventually got in a conversation with Miserix's bodyguard, Fyxon.

"Hi there" Hendrax said, disguised in his Matoran form.

"Hello, Matoran" Fyxon said in a cold tone.

"How are you, Fyxon? I hear you've been busy protecting Miserix lately" Hendrax asked, to which Fyxon replied: "Yes, I have been busy protecting him, you know, the usual. But I must say that this Resistance guy, Fyxan, is a general nuisance, he has been exiled and even sentenced to go to the Twilight Realm, but he escaped just before he was shipped to the Portal, which I find very sad".

"Assuming you know much of the previous Utopia Day accidents, what exactly happened to the beings responsible?" Hendrax asked calmly.

"Hahah, glad you ask. The beings responsible for those accidents have been rounded up and deported to the Twilight Realm, but some of them, either escaped before deportation and some after, of which the most notable is Hendrax, who, so far, is the only being ever to have escaped the Twilight Realm, which should be considered nearly impossible now" Fyxon said in an almost angry tone.

"Oh, I have to go, duty's waiting, Miserix is going to the Stadium for his speech now, good bye" Fyxon said, and left before Hendrax could even say goodbye, and Hendrax messaged his friends through the radio, saying that Miserix and his friends were on the way.

Miserix and his advisors walked straight ahead, to the Arena where the Matoran and Agori were heard cheering and yelling, while music was being played in the background, and the balcony was still behind the large screen that hung before it. Miserix and his advisors walked onto the red carpet, laid down in the middle of the massive Arena, which led directly to the stage, while the Victory Trumpets were heard, creating the usual Victory March of Utopia. Whatever being they came along, they always cheered at the 3, as the large projector screen was slowly opening, revealing the balcony and the stairs that led to it. As the Victory March still sounded, Miserix and his advisors walked up to the large stairs, up to the balcony, and Miserix stood at his Microphone Stand.

"Welcome, Utopians! Welcome to the 10.000th edition of our annual celebration, a celebration that is so important, that it thrills even the hearts of the bravest, and the strongest...the celebration of.." Miserix said, as drums were rolling.

"THE FORMATION OF THE MAJESTIC CITY OF UTOPIA!" Miserix said, and the complete public in the Arena cheered for Miserix.

Fyxan, Fairon and Hendrax were in the Arena, of which Fairon and Fyxan invisible using their Invisibilization Devices, and Hendrax disguised as the Matoran, and they frequently messaged each other through the use of their radio, but they heard nothing of any rallies just yet, or of any beatings, and they were surprised.

"Now..." Miserix said, as he looked emotional.

"I thank you for all the support you have given, and continue to give, so we can clean our stable society of those that wish to destabilize it!" Miserix said, and, yet again, the whole Arena was cheering and yelling for him, as he threw his Thanksgiving Flowers down below and, then, after much waving, he left the Arena, whilst the whole Arena was still enormously enthusiast and was still cheering and yelling.

Fyxan and Fairon took the opportunity and quickly ran out of the Arena, up the stairs and to where Miserix had left, whilst they were still invisible.

"Hendrax, what do we do now? We're at the balcony" Fairon messaged to Hendrax through the radio.

"You follow Miserix, see if he's got any other plans!" Hendrax replied, and Fairon and Fyxan quickly were on the move again to the place that Miserix, Fyxon, and Valtrahk had left to.

"If only this doesn't go wrong..." Hendrax thought.

Miserix showed up in the Utopia Cathedral, he himself, a firm believer of the Kronos Myth, was the one chosen to do the prayer, under the eyes of 100.000 other believers of the Kronos Myth.

Miserix raised his hands in the air, and said the Prayer to Kronos:

Oh mighty Lord Kronos,
If you weren't here, it would be a great loss
Taught us in the ways of living, you have,

And showed us the Path to Light, you gave

You are the one that has the most of my respect,
And I would turn down the darkness for you in every aspect
Without you, I would not live,
For all your power, you would give

For just one little power shift,
Could be considered an enormous gift
We wish for you to teach us more,
So we could, once again, walk together through a door

We wish you the most of rest,
For if you would not have it, we would get the pest
Our powers, are finite,
And your honorful powers, are infinite

I hope that all you teach us will be kept as common knowledge,
For otherwise, they are not a believer with a pledge

Thank you, for listening to this,
We appreciate it, like a warm kiss

Bless you

Miserix stopped, and everyone in the cathedral cheered for him, as he thanked the ones that cheered for him.
He and his guards then moved along to the Utopia Stadium, where the Cathedral of Light would occur, with the roof of the Stadium retracted so that the Cathedral of Light was beautifully viewable.

"Fyxan, have you got any news of any rallies yet? I have, and they are being forced down now by brute force, we must do something!" Fairon messaged to Fyxan.

"Yes, I'll contact Hendrax about it" Fyxan replied.

"Oh no, you guys aren't going to stop those rallies, at least not for now, it could result in big trouble should it go badly wrong, so you guys, stay in the vicinity of Miserix, I'm going to his Library, where all documents are supposedly located" Hendrax messaged, and he then turned off his radio as he ran off to the Palace.

Hendrax ran to the Palace, he was nervous, very nervous, for what he was going to do, and time was running out.

He ran into the elevator, and pressed the button to the top floor, but a password was asked, and Hendrax did not know what this numerical password was. He took a few guesses; 645656, 545345, 343234, and 235435, but none of them worked, so he decided to take the stairs.

The stairs, instead of the usual small stairwell that led all the way up, these were gigantic marble stairs with a massive concrete wall in between them, lit by yellow lights. Hendrax ran up as fast as he could, and, after 10 minutes of running up the stairs, he arrived at the 200th level, and opened the door that led to the hallway with Miserix's throne room, bed room, and library, all of which were stunningly big.

The library was aligned with massive bookshelves, that contained many different books with histories of universes, as well as a book documenting the history of the Infinus, and the Resistance document on the history of the universe they lived in. Whatever Hendrax came along, it was not what he sought; the plans on the Universal Enforcement Alliance's newest enforcement technology built specifically to listen to all orders they were given, as well as the Enhanced Enforcement Unit project.

Hendrax leaned to one of the books in the bookshelves, after having evidently searched in the room for about 10 minutes, and suddenly the bookshelf next to it opened, revealing a metal staircase leading all the way down. He walked down the staircase, which revealed a large, metal, vault door, with a code on it. Hendrax guessed again..153715, and it worked, the door opened, and he found himself in a large, dimly lit, metal room with computers aligned against the wall.

"This must be the data center.." Hendrax thought, and he started hacking the computer, but, as he started it, he heard the fireworks go off.

"Time is running out, I must be faster!" Hendrax muttered to himself, as he shapeshifted a third arm to help with it.

He was in, and he found the data on the Enhanced Enforcement Unit project, dubbed Project EEU, and he opened the Data Base, and started extracting the data to the data chip he had with him, and then he heard how the Fireworks stopped.

"No..this must not happen!" Hendrax told himself, as he heard beings enter the Library.

A being entered the data center.

"Why hello, old friend..." the being said to Hendrax, who turned around, and gasped.

"No..this can't be!" Hendrax said as he looked amazed.

Miserix and his advisors were at the balcony once more, and it was hidden behind the screen, whilst the beings in the Arena were cheering while waiting for the 3 to show up, and Miserix to make his final speech and to show them the Cathedral of Light.

"Welcome, fellow Utopians! the final speech on this honorful day! I do hope for you that you are ready, for a spectacular show! Because soon, we will show you, the Cathedral of Light!" Miserix announced, and everyone present in the Arena cheered for him.

"Look, how the roof of this wonderful Arena opens itself!" Miserix said, and the beings in the Arena watched with awe as the gigantic roof opened, and showed a glass roof, which in turn also opened, to reveal the stunning night sky of Utopia.

"Let the Cathedral of Light..BEGIN!" Miserix yelled, as a beautiful show of lights was showing itself on top of the Arena, combined with Fireworks, that shaped many different things, including the letters U, T, O, P, I, and A to form the word UTOPIA in the night sky. The light show continued until it was 0:00, when Miserix did the Closing Speech.

"Thank you, Utopians! Thank you for your help in celebrating the 10.000th Utopia Day, which was, as always, a great success! I thank you all for helping us in making this day one of the most unforgettable days in the annual Utopia Days! And I hope that next year, it will be even better! Good night every body!" Miserix announced, as the roofs of the Arena closed and the large screen appeared again, and the Matoran cheered for Miserix as he left his balcony when he was last visible.

"Great work, my friends, I hope to see more of this kind of celebrations! Keep it up" Miserix said, while smiling to his advisors.

Miserix left to his bed room, while Valtrahk left to his own office and Fyxon would go to his own bed room too.

"What a great day, a great day in the history of my perfect society, and I hope that the 100.000th one will be even better" Miserix thought with enthusiasm.

Chapter 3[]

Hendrax backed until he was in the corner, against his opponent, a being that Hendrax never thought would betray him; Fyxan.

"Why..why are you doing this?!" Hendrax yelled at his former ally.

"Because it is my duty" Fyxan said, as he came closer and closer, and and pushed his Ordinary Infantry Rifle model 81 against Hendrax's throat, while Hendrax fearfully looked into the eyes of his former friend, who was about to kill him.

All suddenly Fyxan lowered his Rifle and calmly said "You are coming with me", as he put Hendrax under arrest with Energy Handcuffs, which made you unable to use your powers.

He took Hendrax to the elevator and pushed the button that led to a place under the Palace, a trainstation that Hendrax knew all too well from his previous sentence to death. He was about to be sent back to the Twilight Realm, under the watch of Zant, where he would be tortured once more, tortured until he was past even Karzahni's point of insanity.

The large trainstation featured 3 platforms, A, B, and D, all of which led to different parts of the Prison Fort, but Hendrax would be taken to Platform C, from where his train would directly depart to the Torturer's Grounds. Fyxan led him head on to the stairs that lead down to Platform C. The platform, largely aligned with white steel and the ceiling, made entirely out of lamps behind a glass plate, was just like all other platforms, even the same, large, ready-made train was already sitting on its rails, waiting to deport the prisoners it contained all the way to the Twilight Realm that it did usually. The journey was to be considered a hellish one, in a dark, dimly lit train, deported in a containment pod, in which one could barely even move.

Hendrax's containment pod opened, and revealed the clawed arms and hands, which grabbed Hendrax and took him right into the pod, and he could not move anymore. Hendrax saw how many other Matoran were also put into their containment pods, and then he noticed an old friend of his, a Toa he knew all too well, that had been in the team formed to prevent the collapse of the Nui Tower of Time, it was a Toa of Air, whose name was Dex, who had now long been changed to a Toa Hordika of Air, and it was clear that he had also been in The Torturer's Grounds for an unknown amount of time, seeing his futile attempts to get free, he even yelled at the guard that put him in, calling the guard a "Karzahni-head".

The Train's side-doors closed, and the bright lights turned on. Hendrax heard how the engine was turned on by the sound of the train's horn, and felt that the train was starting to move, and he saw the last of Fyxan's face, with his evil grin, as the containment pods closed, and Hendrax heard how the large metal doors that marked the trainstation, were closing, as the train was increasing its speed every second now. The charging of the Trans-warp engines was sounding through the whole train, as it moved faster and faster, and then, after a loud explosion roared through the train, the train increased to its top-speed of 3000.000 Miles per hour, with the roaring sound of its trans-warp engines. The speed of the train and the sound of it even sounded on the surface, which would tremble all over as the train roared by. A portal opened ahead of the train's large, white, metal cockpit, and the train went speeding through it.
Hendrax closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on how he would escape, but the travel through dimensions caused him to feel dizzy and noxious, as he heard Dex's attempts to get out of the pod while it was weakened because of the extreme pressure put on it during the dimensional journey.

With another loud roar, the train was blasted out of interdimensional space, and was now driving through the Twilight Realm. Hendrax got an extreme headache because of the sudden entrance into the realm. Hendrax heard the train's trans-warp engines discharge their energy, and the train's speed was decreasing at a rapid rate. The rails in the Twilight Realm were floating in the void, between the seemingly never ending nothingness. In the distance, the doors of the trainstation of The Torturer's Grounds opened, and the train decreased its speed, until it fully stopped in the train station.

Hendrax heard as the side-doors opened, and guards were led in. The guards, horrible beings made out of pure Twilight, carried the pods to their destination: The cell block, where the prisoners were located, and, if they died, they were put in the body chamber. Hendrax heard voices of Matoran crying for help, as their hands were reaching out for food. Hendrax was afraid that he had to be tortured by Zant once more during this sentence. His containment pod opened as he, and his inmate, Dex, were thrown onto the concrete floor.

"Next time, don't try to escape, scum!" the guard said, as he walked away again.

"Well this is trouble..." Dex said as he sat in the corner. Hendrax closely examined him, and it was revealed that Dex had a tail, and closely resembled a reptillian creature.

"Dex! What happened to you? You look so..torn down" Hendrax said.

"Well, I've had my adventures.." Dex replied.

"KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT OR I WILL GET YOU TO THE TORTURER!" the guard yelled, and Hendrax and Dex stopped talking, in fear of The Torturer.

Fairon and Fyxan were running, running as fast as they could for the incoming paratroopers, whom fired their rifles and submachine guns at the two that tried to escape. Fairon dodged one of the bullets from the paratrooper's SMG, and he fired a bullet at the paratrooper using his own stolen Ordinary Infantry Sniper Rifle, improved to have a selective fire option between automatic, semi-automatic and burst, he then fired a burst round and started running again as he attempted to kill the paratroopers that were closing in. Fyxan, in desperate stress, took his Ordinary Infantry Carbine Rifle off his back, switched firemodes to grenades, and fired a grenade at the paratroopers, destroying 3 of them, and severely damaging 2 others, which were now uncapable of doing anything. The last 2 left were still running and kept closing in on the 2 Resistance members, as they tried to escape prison and possible death.

"Fairon! We must try to escape these guys before they really blow our heads off-" Fyxan yelled, but he was cut off by a spree of minigun-rounds fired at him, and he quickly ducked, but Fairon was too late, and he was hit in his back, as he fell over, bleeding.

Fyxan tried to fire another grenade, but noticed he had no grenades left to reload into the launcher, and switched to spraying the paratroopers in full-automatic fire from his rifle. He managed to hit the one with the minigun, but the other one with the rifle was still alive, and it tried to kill Fyxan using it. Fyxan dodged the bullets and put Fairon out of sight of the robot, and he hit the paratrooper in the heartstone, which indefinitely killed it. The paratrooper collapsed, and then deactivated, with radio message still being delayed to it, until the radio was deactivated as well.

Fyxan lay down on the ground and rested, because he was exhausted from the battle. He stood, walked over the hill top, and saw the village lie just ahead. He walked back to Fairon, who had just woken up from his wounds, but looked severely weakened.

"Argh" Fairon spat out while he rolled over to lie on his back, but he quickly rolled back, and his back had a large, tearing gap in it, blood coming out of it. Fyxan took his health-care kit out of his backpack, and took a syringe out of the kit. He injected the syringe in Fairon's body, and it began regenerating. Fairon stood up, and leaned on Fyxan's shoulder, as the two walked over the hill tops to the village, where they walked to the big shack, seeing Lesovikk, Rantu, and Acritus sitting at the big table, doing a game of Matoran Poker, which they usually did around this time.

"Whoa! What happened to you two?!" Lesovikk asked as he saw the two, looking dirty and weathered. Fyxan then showed the wounds on Fairon's back, and Lesovikk gasped as he saw the tearing gap.

"Well, I'd say, go upstairs, and get the medical kit there to treat Fairon, I see he's badly wounded" Acritus said, and Fyxan and Fairon walked upstairs.
Upstairs, Fyxan laid Fairon down on a bed, and took out the medical kit, and searched for the Essence of Life, a medicine that allowed beings to live again after mortal wounds, and that healed even the most tearing gaps in bodies.

"Dang bottle of Essence of Life..." Fyxan said as he continued searching, then he found it, the bottle with the Essence. He carefully opened it, took a smell of it, and poured it over Fairon's pouring wound, who screamed in the agony.

"Don't worry, the pain will be over soon" Fyxan said, as he continued pouring the Essence of the wounds. After he was done, he closed the bottle of Essence, and put it back in the health kit, which he then closed. He then lay down on his bed, and slept, after the exhausting previous adventures he had.

Somewhere high in the Palace's Spire, a large office was located, beautifully aligned with white marble, and large, beautiful bookshelves, with a very large desk in the middle of it, and behind it, a large window, that looked out over the beautiful city of Utopia. In this office, Valtrahk sat, he was looking out over the beautiful city, silently listening to the sounds that the city usually emitted, sounds of the Aerial Transport Vehicle highways, sounds of the airships that flew around and advertised the brands of several types of food, drinks, and cafe's and restaurants. He was waiting for 2 beings, 2 beings he hired to track down Resistance operatives and kill them, and he was also waiting for a report from his agents, to see if they had captured Fyxan and Fairon yet, but he did not expect them to have done that.

He heard the sound of teleportation; the two beings had arrived.

He turned around in his chair, and sat there facing 2 beings, one of them being a tall, red and orange Makuta, who looked weathered and insane as usual, and the other being a jet black and silver Toa of Darkness, who was less tall but more bulky, and had a shotgun on his back.

"We have done what you wanted us to, sir" the Makuta said.

"Good work, Krataxus and Shadon, it is well appreciated, take your rewards" Valtrahk said, as he handed a cheque of 10.000 widgets to them both.

"Now, your next mission, is to find and exterminate, should the need be, the rest of the Resistance Affiliates, because we cannot let our stabilized society be destabilized any longer!" Valtrahk said, and the two nodded.

"Surely, if this society destabilizes a civil-war will be the case" Krataxus said, and Shadon nodded.

"Indeed. Now do your work! I've got work to do myself" Valtrahk said, and the two, noddingly, teleported out of the office.

Then, a being stepped in again, it was Valtrahk's trusted advisor, and his name was Xharidax. He was tall and imposing, and he was clad in yellow and black armor, with gleaming red eyes that looked into Valtrahk's lime green eyes. He was here to bring some news, that was what Valtrahk knew for sure, and, seeing the facial expression of the Makuta, the news wasn't good.

"Sir, I've got bad news..." Xharidax said, looking worried.

"Well..?" Valtrahk said, looking into the red eyes of the Makuta.

"In a report, we have heard that a team of 7 paratroopers have been destroyed by Fyxan and Fairon, when they were intercepting them, this is because the 2 were spying on our leader during Utopia Day" Xharidax said, and prepared for an outburst from Valtrahk.

"Next time we issue teams of 10 paratroopers instead, with 2 minigunners instead of 1 to pursue Resistance members" Valtrahk said, and continued with "...and after that we start having a checkpoint where all beings that enter the city are checked for any kind of device they have."

"Okay sir, as you wish" Xharidax said, making a bow, and then leaving the room.

Valtrahk was alone again, and turned around, listening to the sounds that continued sounding through the city, it calmed him, which is why he would mostly move there after he had been enraged by some failure of his agents, but this time he had remained fairly calm, even after such a failure of his agents.

"Let's hope the Enhanced Enforcement Unit paratroopers do their job and blow the Resistance to peaces" Valtrahk thought as he continued listening again.

Chapter 4[]

Life in the prison was sickening: Hendrax was tired, s ick, and hungry, because he — amongst the many other prisoners — had to help building the new part of the prison; a large room where the bodies of the dead Matoran would be disintegrated, and their remains destroyed. This made Hendrax sick, because of the sickening thought that he helped in building such a sickening place. Dex, on the other hand, was ordered to carry large stone blocks to the construction site of the burning grounds, which was even more tiring than what Hendrax was doing. Hendrax saw Dex walk carrying 2 other large stone blocks, yet again bringing them to the burning grounds construction site, with a guard walking behind him, slashing him with a whip, yelling "WORK HARDER!", as Dex would scream in agony.

"OKAY! GET BACK HERE, WE BE GOIN' TO EAT Y'ARR!" A guard announced, and all beings that were previously working, were pushed into the prison canteen, to eat their dinner that had been prepared. Among the beings pushed back in, Hendrax saw several Matoran, whom he recognized as former Resistance Members; A Toa of Light or two; And a Makuta Hendrax clearly recognized as Kunaku, former command of the Universal Alliance, who attempted to take over the organization, and had been exiled for this deed. Their meal was what is usually was: A small amount of bread with a usual Muaka Steak, which was usually enough to get Hendrax on the move again. Hendrax's Muaka Steak was delicious, for prison means; It was raw, but had a few nice ingredients on it, which made it taste much better than usual. When everyone had finished their meals, the guards yelled "ALL OF YOU, STAND IN LINE! WE ARE BRINGING YOU BACK TO YER' CELLS!", and everyone joined in a large line of beings that were sent to their cells. After about an hour of having seen the guards throw beings into their cells, Hendrax and Dex were thrown into their cell, which was located in the cellar, with very little light left to penetrate the window and light the cell.

Last time Hendrax escaped, he had been able to distract a guard, but this time, he was located so deep within the fortress, that no guard would ever walk by these cells, because the guards were usually sleeping or doing the biddings of The Torturer.

"The Torturer.." Hendrax thought, as he remembered the horrific torture he had to go through last time he had been in the prison, for trying to fight against a guard, of which Hendrax now knew was futile. Hendrax tried to sleep, as he thought about his last experience in The Torturer's Domain, which was the room in which The Torturer would torture his prisoners. Just as he was nearly sleeping, he heard the cell door being opened, and was then suddenly pulled out of his bed.

"HENDRAX! YOU ARE SUBJECTED TO BE BROUGHT TO THE TORTURER'S DOMAIN ON HIS ORDERS!" the guard yelled, and it woke up Dex, who screamed "WHY CAN'T YOU MONS JUST LEAVE ME AND LET ME SLEEP FOR ONE SECOND?!", as he was angered, but it was too late for him to excuse himself, the guard pulled him out of his bed as well and pulled him over his shoulder, as he then yelled "AND YOU'RE GOING WITH HIM!", as he pointed at Hendrax. The guard then proceeded out of the cell, closed it down, and walked up the staircase that led to the main hall. He walked along the main hall, to the staircase that led to The Torturer's Domain, and, at the door, he banged on it, and a horrid voice sounded, yelling "IN!". The voice wasn't The Torturer's, which sounded 10 times worse, but it was from his guard, which was a big, bulky, black and silver being that stood out over Hendrax and even the standard guards of the fortress. The cell guard threw Dex on the floor, and proceeded to the Domain guard, saying "It's Hendrax, I'm here to deliver him to The Torturer", and the Domain guard let him through.

The Torturer's Domain was a large chamber, aligned with pillars, experiments, and torture devices, all for The Torturer to make himself feel at home. Over the experimentation table, a large dome was visible, with the black and shiny blue colors that the whole of the Twilight Realm sported. In the middle of the room, in a dim light, stood The Torturer. He was large and imposing, wearing a large black helmet, and he sported the colors black and white, which were usual for a being carrying the element of Twilight.

The Torturer turned around, facing Hendrax and the cell guard, who suddenly looked afraid.

"So...have you brought here, my good friend Hendrax?" The Torturer said, as he slowly approached the two. He carefully examined Hendrax, and put his finger under Hendrax's neck, looking him in the eye. Hendrax didn't know what to do, and he felt The Torturer's presence.

"Put him on the table..." The Torturer said, as the guard took Hendrax to the torturing table, and laid him down on the cold, metal table. The Torturer picked up a bottle of a substance known as Dark Energy, which was usually used for severe torture, but it had a few side effects, including, but not limited to mutation, form changing, and changing one's powers, depending on what species the being is. Hendrax knew this because he had to sit and see a Matoran being mutated by this, which was horrendous to see, and now, Hendrax himself would undergo this horrendous process. The Torturer opened the bottle, took a smell of it, and started pouring it over Hendrax, who screamed in agony, as he felt his body transforming, and he also felt his face transforming with it. In the pain, he couldn't see anything, but he heard The Torturer laughing, laughing at the agonizing pain that Hendrax was going through.

"Your fate, Hendrax! Hahahaha!" The Torturer yelled as he laughed even louder at Hendrax's screams. Hendrax tried to break free, but he felt that it was not possible, due to the chains that tied him up to the table. He felt even worse pain as his back was forming a fin, and one of his shoulders was also reformed into a large plate. His Olmak was being fused to his face, as well as his feet that reformed along with his legs. At the same time, he lost the ability to shapeshift, as well as the Kraata powers, but he also gained a new power; that of controlling Dark Energy.

In a sudden flash of agonizing pain, Hendrax began feeling a bit empty in his brain, and tried to go against this. He fought against the pain, as he heard The Torturer laugh even more as he did so. Hendrax’s new body was no longer that of his Makuta form, but it was black, with some gold, and he had grown wings in the process. Suddenly, all pain stopped, and Hendrax opened his eyes, seeing the light, and the face of The Torturer.

"Step forward, my creation, step forward into this new world" The Torturer said, and he laughed. Hendrax stood, and he suddenly felt the reliefs his new body had; He was less large, his face was fused to his Olmak, and he felt dizzy.

"Welcome, Hendrax, to your new life" The Torturer said, and Hendrax came to realize what happened to him in the last few minutes, and thought: "Hm, what a miserable life I had before this, my life is much better now", as he and The Torturer proceeded.

Chapter unfinished


  • This story functions as a bridge between the old Arcturus Magna Saga and the current Kronian Multiverse Storyline, being created as a draft story for what has become the KMS. Its themes will return in the KMS story City of Gold.