aka Derrick

  • I live in Washington
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Bionicle Collector and Creator of the Bionicle X series
  • I am Male


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The CBW Community Team
Hi Kota,

Thanks for your edits to the Hau and Kiril articles. Unfortunately, I've had to revert the tense changes you made since all Kanohi articles are written in the past tense from the standpoint of post-Reformation Spherus Magna.

All the best,

-- BobTheDoctor27

I see User:Kota9999

If you hover over the arrow next to Edit and click Teleport, a prompt will pop up allowing you to rename the page. "El Capitan was here.

Two days ago, you made an edit on the Su-Matoran page, adding one of your own characters and creating a broken link to it.

You have made several broken links in the past that have been immediately reverted. Since you keep making them, I will explain in detail what a broken link is.

This is a normal link. It is blue: Tahu

This is a broken link. It is red, and is sometimes called a "redlink": Not-Tahu

As you can see, your link, Suaaki, is also a broken link. I gave you 48 hours for you to make a page, which would have fixed the broken link, but you have not done so. 

If you have not made a page, do not create links to it first. Make your page first then create links to it on other pages so we do not have broken links.

I will be removing your Suaaki link. After you create your page, you are welcome to make a link to it on the Su-Matoran page again. 

One of the Sleeman bois - It's notoriously good.

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