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Windfall the wanderer
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Hello, I am Windfall.

If you wish to learn more about my characters, take a look at my Saga Guide.

I obtained my first set some time ago, back in 2005. The set in question was Rahaga Kualus, and while I never got into the story until later, I loved the toy, and I remained interested in Bionicle through all of 2006. I later got my first new sets in 2007: Kalmah, Carapar, Kongu, Matoro, and Hewkii. After that It just escalated, and I bought and received many of the Phantoka, Mistika, and Glatorian. I loved positively everything past that, though my interest declined after around 2009, and completely ended some time after the franchise ended, sadly

However, my real 'career' as a Bionicle fan picked back up again in 2014 when rumors of a Bionicle reboot were afoot. I quickly discovered online parts ordering, and I delved into the Bionicle fandom, Increasing my mocing skill and story knowledge exponentially. It is here you see me today.


My Pages

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Favorite Fanon Characters

Look how far I've come.

Favorite CBW Mocs


Favorite... Stuff


  • Matoran: Gavla
  • Toa: Lesovikk or Gali
  • Toa Team: Toa Mahri
  • Turaga: Nuju
  • Titan: Brutaka
  • Makuta: Krika
  • Kanohi (Shape): Kiril
  • Kanohi (Power): Mask of Psychometry
  • Elemental Power: Gravity



  • Windfall's favorite type of creations are that of the Toa species. This is reflected in his MOCs.


  • My list of all the best fanon Kanohi. A whopping 31, out of roughly 250 on this wiki. Duplicates, lame/nonsensical, and overpowered/legendary masks were excluded, for obvious reasons.
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