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Toa Neirae of Air
Elemental Air powers, enhanced combat abilities
Great Jaatuh
Boomerang Blade

Uragan is a member of the Toa Neirae.


Early life[]

1000 years before the Great Cataclysm War, Uragan was created by Mata Nui as part of the Toa Neirae and appointed as a protector of the Core Processor. Each Toa were given enhanced combat abilities, powerful weapons and masks.

Uragan, along with the Toa Neirae, defended the Core Processor from Abaddon and Vicoran. He learned of the Order of Mata Nui's existence when they took Abaddon to imprisonment.

Betrayal by the Brotherhood[]

Uragan and the Toa Neirae were tricked into letting the Brotherhood of Makuta enter the Core Processor room. The Toa Neirae fought the Brotherhood of Makuta but were ultimately captured and imprisoned in canisters.

Great Cataclysm War[]

When Mata Nui freed the Toa Neirae, the group joined forces with the reformed Order of Mata Nui and defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta.

After the War[]

Uragan joined Kisa when she formed an assault team to enter the Lost Continents to find Wira. He reassured Suram that they would be successful.

The group encountered the Infernal Legion and battled a Makuta. Uragan fought Crescent with Suram but was defeated when Suram was distracted. He joined the rest of the assault team fighting the Makuta when Suram disappeared. Kisa activated her Vhisnok to defeat the Makuta and the group returned to Kehidupan with Wira rescued.

End of the Neirae[]

Uragan and the Toa Neirae attacked Abaddon, cornering the Varim tyrant. Uragan taunts Abaddon but Kisa warns him to keep quiet. Kisa used her mask power to overpower and impale Abaddon. When it was revealed that she attacked an illusion, Kisa froze when she realised that she had killed Odron. Abaddon then decapitates her.

Personality and traits[]

Uragan is very strategic and cooperative, teaming up to figure out a foe's weakness and formulate a plan against it. He listens to the the input of others and takes it on board whilst creating a plan with a team. He is supportive towards his comrades and anyone on the same side as him.

Uragan hides his mask power and sword until absolutely needed, believing that he should only defeat enemies of the Order of Mata Nui. When he draws his sword and uses his mask power, he considers whom he uses them as his sworn enemy, not holding back or giving them a chance to retaliate.

Powers and equipment[]

As a Toa of Air, Uragan is adept at controlling his Air. Being created for combat, Uragan has enhanced speed and strength. He is very agile and fast, commonly dubbed as the fastest of the Toa Neirae, based upon physical strength alone. Uragan combines his elemental powers with his agile fighting style to move even faster and hit harder. He usually begins with this fighting style before drawing his weapons or using his mask power.

Uragan carries a unique sword appropriately named the Boomerang Blade. Uragan combines his swordsmanship with his elemental power when he uses his Air Sword in combat, further amplifying his speed with the sword's speed-amplification power. Uragan also wears the Kanohi Jaatuh, the Mask of Evasion. With it, he combines his fast and agile combat techniques with the masks power of short-range teleportation.