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Universe at War
Alternate Universe
Date Set
Media Information
August 14, 2009-January 4, 2010
3-9 minutes
Directed by
Written by

Universe at War was a series created by KylerNuva. The series ran from August 14, 2009 to January 4, 2010. Four episodes were released before the series was put on hiatus and effectively canceled.


Universe at War tells the story of an alternate universe that has been invaded by a massive faction known as the "Axis of Terror", while a group of Toa that were destined to stop the Axis's era of domination over their world, as they'd form a strong resistance army (consisted of many other species prior to the Matoran/Toa species) to counterattack the Axis, thus beginning a universal war in their universe.


Episode List
# Episode Title Length Description Released
1. Captive 4:02 TBA August 14, 2009
2. The Mission Begins 8:50 TBA November 16, 2009
3. The Struggle to Survive 3:27 TBA January 3, 2010
4. Desperate Situations 3:14 TBA January 4, 2010

Since the release of Desperate Situations, no new episodes have been released. More episodes had been filmed, or at least parts of them, as evidenced by the series trailer, but these episodes were apparently never finished.


  • Katrix/Shadow Katrix
  • Galyku
  • Snovaro
  • Letrun
  • Sekrox (Deceased)
  • Flaronn
  • "Toa" Fearack
  • Klorvak
  • Grovog
  • Dukos (Deceased)
  • Tazzuk (Not Alternate)
  • Yaildo (In flashback, deceased)
  • Several Fear Fighters
  • Assassinator Android

Known Characters[]

  • Takatu
  • Light Tazzuk