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This will encompass EVERYTHING that happens in the Universe 38.

The years start at 0 LY (Lihkan Years).

Classical Era[]

  • 0 LY - The Great Beings and Terra Magna in an unstable state spontaneously come into being, and the Great Beings discover their creation abilities. They work on the first rahi, the Botas.
  • 2 LY - Mata Nui forms the First Order of Mata Nui to terraform Terra Magna and make it life friendly.
  • 5 LY - The Botas makes much progress, and many different species are created. The Great Beings start to disagree on who has authority, and try to outdo each other in creating. The primitive and inhospitable world is calmed and terraformed by the Beings, and islands, seas and continents are made by the First Order of Mata Nui.
    • Several Great Beings start dominating over others, and the stronger recruit followers and claim islands as their bases. Makut'arkh builds and claims the Mangaia. Na'vrotha builds on Mene Nui. Vorovax expands on Voro Nui. Mata Nui starts building a realm for his creations inside of Karda Nui.
  • 6 LY - The Great Beings' disagreements lead to anticipation of conflict, and some start to build up their own armies. One Great Being, Mata Nui, instead works on the first sentient being. These experiments lead to the Agori.
  • 7 LY - Mata Nui develops the Agori further, creating the first Glatorian. Makut'arkh also creates the Proto-Makuta, both the first "soldiers" of the world.
    • It is around this time that Vorovax creates his empire of Vorox, with the help of his second in command, Skrallios The Skrall are also created.

By this time, the many Great Beings are wide-spread, and the world starts to teem with creations.

The War of the Gods[]

  • 8 LY - Kimu Koro, a large Agori city on Kimu Nui, is attacked and destroyed by a force of Proto-Makuta sent by Makut'arkh, in an effort to weaken Bogarund's empire. Mata Nui responds by sending an army of Glatorian to repel them, starting the War of the Gods.

Kingdoms Era[]

568 LY - Vama Nui, Kimu Nui and the Famaut Islands complete their merging into a single continent.