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Union of Conquest
GoalDefeat the Alliance of Justice, conquer the universe.
Headquarters/BaseSpherus Magna
Leader(s)Juzto, Hypna (deputy)
EnemiesAlliance of Justice

The Union of Conquest is a malevolent organization founded and lead by Eternal Toa Juzto. The original Union was defeated by the Alliance of Justice 264 years before the Great Catacylsm. A second Union was re-founded by Juzto after the defeat of Makuta Teridax.


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Many of the current Union members are from the original group that were all disbanded after their defeat. Others that have been recently recruited are rogue Glatorian, Agori, or Skrall.


  • Juzto - Eternal Toa of Shadow and Fire. Founder and current leader of the Union.
  • Hypna - Toa of Psionics who betrayed her village as a Ce-Matoran. Co-founder and deputy.


  • "Dictator" - Former tyrant of an island south of Odina.
  • Tegrox - Member of Tobduk's race and Union commander.
  • Zevahx - Union captain.
  • Amphybokx - Former Pit prisoner.
  • Kytelna - Former Pit prisoner.
  • "Fugitive" - Former Vortixx slave on Xia and leading Dark Hunter.
  • "Blade Bearer" - Dark Hunter.
  • Several Bone Hunters
    • Aterx - Bone Hunter general.
    • Xylena - Female Boen Hunter.
    • Amtrox - Rookie Bone Hunter.
    • Otrox - Mutant Bone Hunter.
  • Several Agori
    • Tarraz - Former Iron Tribe Agori.
    • Kyrena - Fire Tribe traitor.
    • Duzmot - Former Rock Tribe guard.
  • Several Skrall
    • Torvox - Special Forces Skrall.
    • Viktroz - Soldier Skrall.
    • Forgrox - Soldier Skrall.
    • Gorvex - Special Force Skrall.
  • Several Makuta
    • Horroz - former Makuta of Etarlba.
    • Ronzorx - former Makuta of Xyrax.
    • Tiviaos - former Makuta of "Dictator's" homeland.
    • Torrun - former Makuta of an unknown region.
    • Hyronox - former Makuta of an unknown region.
  • Vamioux - Banished Glatorian of Tesara.
  • Tradoxo - Former Skakdi soldier of Padrox's army.


Beings who aren't members of the Union, but serve and work for it.

  • Several Shadow Matoran
    • Ikymok - Former Ba-Matoran.
    • Kaleya - Former Av-Matoran.
    • Orevox - Former Po-Matoran.
  • Orrokx - Turaga of Shadow.