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Assigned Region Krano Nui
Mask Great Crast
Tools Shadow Tri-Claw, Staff of Darkness, disruption rhotuka
Status Alive
Pronunciation TY-recks

Tyrex is the former Makuta of Krano Nui. He is known for his ruthlessness and ambition, and is sometimes known under the alias Morgorahn, or the De-Matoran alias Kelta. He is the secret master of Matoran bounty hunters Gaz and Kesol.


Tyrex was one of the first Makuta to be created, and was subsequently given an important role within the Brotherhood. However, when the time came for Makuta to be given islands to protect, Tyrex was given Krano Nui, and his partner Teridax was given Metru Nui. It wasn't long before Tyrex's anger took hold, and he disappeared from Krano Nui.

Eventually, he hired two Matoran, Gaz and Kesol, as his agents, taking on the name Morgorahn. He never allowed the Matoran to see his true form. Instead, he shapeshifted into various other forms, such as a Shadow Panther, a viper, and even a statue.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tyrex has access to all known Makuta powers, but has a much greater control over Shadow than most Makuta. He can draw back into the shadows, reduce himself to a near-phantom, and direct shadow bolts or energy missiles from any point of his choosing.

Mask and Tools[]

Tyrex wears the Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion, and carries a rhotuka that can disrupt the powers of a target, forcing their energies to go wild or backfire. He carries a Shadow Tri-Claw, which can be used to drain the light or energy of a target, and a Staff of Darkness, which can channel his elemental Shadow powers.


  • Tyrex is a relatively old character of mine, dating back to 2005, as the leader of the Fire Council.
  • In the story, Tyrex was originally set to be an enemy of the Toa Iarn.