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"We are the Twilight Guardians, and we would like your assistance. Complying will, I believe, be the better option, as Ralks here is perfectly ready to crush open your little mechanical skull."
Girahk to Zirahk [src]
Twilight Guardians
Twilight Guardians
Shadowgate (Formerly), Noctxia Magna
Dark Talon, Brotherhood of Gigas Magna, Bounty Hunters' Guild

The Twilight Guardians are an elite team of bounty hunters created by the Rahkshi of Growth Girahk. They are noted widely for their grand, successful schemes, and are famous for their defeat of Dark Talon.


Girahk, a Rahkshi of Growth from the Skrall Empire Universe, joined the Dark Talon criminal organization shortly after being moved to Noctxia Magna as part of a rescue from a black hole. He was dissatisfied by their "crude" means of operation and left soon after. However, Dark Talon did not permit its members to leave without a memory wipe, and an alternate Gresh was sent out to kill him. Girahk narrowly evaded capture and, realizing that he couldn't defeat Dark Talon by himself, traveled across the universe to form a team of elite bounty hunters.

Their first mission involved a plot by Girahk to destroy Dark Talon's inner circle of leaders. The first step involved infiltrating it, which Zirahk gladly accomplished. Over time, the leaders were slowly turned against each other, each controlling large factions. Gresh eventually discovered Zirahk's identity, but by that time the inner circle was engaged in a perpetual war.

Girahk's next step involved alerting the Bounty Hunters' Guild of Dark Talon's existence, but due to a complication caused by Zirahk's former membership in the order, they were forced on the run again. They finally made the decision to complete the job themselves, and returned once more to Noctxia Magna. The mission, however, acquired them one good thing: the aid of an Odina Drone computer specialist named Fain.

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  • Girahk (Leader)
  • Fain (AKA The Hacker; computer specialist)
  • Lerit (AKA The Sniper; shooting and weapons specialist)
  • Ordinius (AKA The Blaster; explosives specialist)
  • Ralks (AKA The Smasher; hand-to-hand combat specialist)
  • Zirahk (AKA The Spy; infiltration and deception specialist)


  • They were inspired by the BIONICLE sets of 2010, the Stars.
  • The Twilight Guardians are based heavily on the Leverage Team from a television series.
  • This is their theme song.


  • Rise of the Underworld