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Twilight (Rando07)
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Usually black and white, sometimes silver or grey

Twilight is a powerful and rare secondary element on the planet of Zypvera.


While creating the sentient species to live on Zypvera, the Great Beings decided to experiment with different elemental power ideas, resulting in the creation of the elements of twilight and radiation. They created a few beings who could control said elements but then decided that the realisation of their full potential could make them too powerful. The Great Beings decided to stop the creation of these species, hence why there are not as abundant as any of the other elements on Zypvera.

Species Wielders[]


  • Du-Matoran represent the element of twilight.
  • Toa of twilight possess the elemental power of twilight, allowing them to create, manipulate and absorb all types of twilight. This is only limited by the need to wait for their elemental twilight energy to recharge after they run out.
  • Turaga of twilight possess small traces of elemental twilight energy.


  • Twilight waddlers do not possess any twilight-based powers, however, they share traits with twilight beings, such as possessing a small array of shadow and light-based abilities as well as good eyesight in dark and light conditions.
  • Anti waddlers could copy the power of a being that possess elemental twilight energy, however, this would eventually run out.


  • A skakdi of twilight would only be able to access their power if they worked with another skakdi or if they carried a weapon that would allow them to channel their twilight power individually.


Wielders of this element are able to:

  • Create, manipulate and absorb all forms of twilight
  • Creating blasts and/or focused beams of twilight
  • Detecting sources of twilight
  • Unleashing a twilight nova blast (Toa-exclusive)
  • Limited elemental control over shadow and light
  • Temporarily blinding a target
  • Good eyesight in light and dark conditions


Beings other than Toa cannot combine their powers of any sort to create a Toa Seal. As long as each wield a different element, any six can create a seal. A reunion of the same elements will break the protodermis cage.

Known users[]

The following are all beings have/had the element of twilight and/or its sub-powers:

  • Du-Matoran - Inaccessible
    • Vremik
  • All toa of twilight
  • All turaga of twilight - Diminished

The following are objects/locations that are affiliated with twilight:

  • Vluxx's Twilight scythe
  • Yutai Nui
    • Nymreia
    • Quol’træ
    • Varnova
    • Kno’zaçee
    • Iuf


  • This page only represents Rando07's depiction of twilight.
  • Unlike in the Prime Reality where it is represented as a combination of two elements, twilight is considered its own element in Rando07's storyline.