Turaga Tower
Primary Residents Formerly leaders of Bio-Land, currently unknown
Location Formerly Bio-Land, Kohonga City. Currently Kowa
Status Spherus Magna replica intact

The Door to inside the building

Turaga Tower was a really high tower east in Kohonga City. It served as the home for Bio-Land's leaders for centuries.

Biokau lived there for a long time unitl he fell down with the balcony. It had been destroyed by Morphy. It became Henkka's home when he became the leader but he is not living there currently. Only servants live there now, and the blacony is being rebuilt.

Tave became the new resident of the Turaga Tower. The tower was badly damaged by The Rising of the Matoran Universe and was wiped of existence by the formation of Kowa.

Spherus Magna replica

A new Turaga Tower was built on Kowa on Spherus Magna to honor the past leaders of Bio-Land, mainly Biokau. The tower doesn't serve as a leaders palace anymore, however. It is unknowen what the tower is being used for other than a monument.


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