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Teridax Nui (Tunnels)
Tunnels of Teridax Nui
Primary ResidentsMakuta, Visorak, Rahkshi
Former Residents'
LocationUnder the base of the Organization of Darkness
SizeThe whole underground of Teridax Nui
MakutaAll members in the Organization of Darkness


In the Tunnels of Teridax Nui the Makuta guard there most secret treasure, the island of Mata Nui (Note: The last remains got back to place and sank into the tunnels). In difference to other tunnels is this tunnel very dangerous. After Mata Nui rose from his great sleep it was a big earthquake in the tunnels when Teridax Nui was created and the most ways in the tunnels were destroyed. Makuta Frofst is currently here to make it up to Teridax Nui and show the Makuta that he is the new leader.

Members there now[]


  • Mata Nui
  • Mangaia
  • Makuta Jail


Organization of Darkness (v

Leaders: Teridax

Commanders: Ceasame  • Zaktuen

Members: Verahk  • Tazzuk  • Vakura  • Ohtvek  • Intor  • Render  • Vicoran

Servants: Tuma  • Vahi Makuta  • Shadow Lurax  • New Brotherhood of Makuta  • Kraahkan  • Kraahkan

Former members: Mata Knight  • Hantga  • Lhikan  •  • Bedurox  • Tridax/Super Makuta  • Rahkshi Army  • Makuta of Gamulu  • Vezon  • Orriki  • Raniza  • Shados  • Visorak HordeTagah  

Deceased members: Drakerix  • Zomahk  • Dertbrez  • Zakkond/Dark Vavakx  • Hantrek (Deceased)  • Nutrex (Deceased)  • Frezako

Former servants: Krakua  • Great Shadow of Universe/682Sitrius  • Eritko  •  • Hades  • Shadow Klakk Horde

Bases: Universe Core (Formerly)  • Teridax Nui  • Bara Magna  • Spherus Magna  • Karzahni