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"He was the best shopkeeper ever..."
Ice and Stone
Alive, on Dromii

 Tunara is one of the First Matoran. He has worked almost all of his life as a shopkeeper, which he has gotten much recognition from. He's a popular Matoran that everyone likes.

Tunara died once after he was stung by an unknown insect. He was later revived by Mata Nui.


Long ago, Mata Nui created Tunara along with the other First Matoran and placed him on Dromii to live there. However, Dromii started to sink and Mata Nui made Hangi a Toa to rescue them to Manuin. Tunara was one of the Matoran to be evacuated. He too, experienced the storm which was caused by the creation of Manuin, with the others. Finally they found Manuin where they found the Canyon of the Great Spirit and Hangi became a Turaga.

Hangi made Tunara the shopkeeper of the canyon. Tunara sold almost anything in his store and sold many things to the other Matoran. Many Matoran also brought items to be sold by him.

During the dangers made by Makaatu on the village, Tunara's shop suffered little damage, but the sales increased rapidly, as all kinds of equipment was needed. When Makaatu made his final strike and captured the Matoran in Matoran Pods, Tunara too was captured and taken away.

His pod was rescued by the First Toa and he was awakened with the rest in the Hangi Canyon. He had forgotten everything of the past, which made the new Turaga (previously the First Toa) upset. The Turaga made Tunara a shopkeeper again and he continued selling things.

One day Tunara got stung by an unknown scorpion Rahi and died of the poison. All the Matoran and Turaga were very sad about this and built the Tunara's Shopping Center and a shrine next to it, to honor the very much loved Matoran. There was also a list above the shrine where anybody could write their name while remembering Tunara.

When Mata Nui gave the Matoran eleven assignments, one of them was to place the Symbol of Mata Nui on the shrine dedicated to Tunara. After a bright light, Tunara was revived and continued to live.

Tunara helped his friends in doing the eleven assignments, until they finally set out for the Ocean of Prosperity. Tunara then witnessed the rise of Dromii and went back to live there with the others.

Currently Tunara has, once again, his own shop on Dromii, where he continues to sell. He is still loved and respected.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tunara has always been a loved and a respected Matoran because of his job and personality. Tunara is friendly and always smiles and greets bypassers.


  • Tunara looks almost excactly like Tapio in his original Matoran form, but isn't related to him in anyway.

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