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"The beach was once so beautiful... they were yellow and bright from the sands, pure waters, Matoran enjoying the good weather... now it's just plain, barren rock"
General of the Gruissiono Guard
Trasder Beach
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Gruissiono
Status Wiped of excistence

Trasder beach in it's barren state from inland

The Trasder Beach was a beach named in honor of Trasder, leader of Gruissiono. It's located in the south of Gruissiono. It used to be a beautiful sandbeach with lots of sand. The waters around it were pure and it was a popular place for the Matoran to spend their freetime, relaxing in the sunshine and swimming. It was next to the city of Gruissiono.

When Gruissiono was blown up by Bruhodag, the Trasder Beach didn't suffer from it much. During time, however, it started to loose it's sand and it became a barren place with murky waters. This was because there were no Matoran to take care of the beach.

Tapio and his friends travelled to this beach first when they came to Gruissiono. Here they faced Bruhodag, who was defeated by some Guest Stars.

When Gruissionos rebuilding began, there were thoughts about how to make Trasder Beach as it was before. It was hard, because sand had to be brought from other places and water purified, but they tried it. When the Matoran Universe rose, Gruissiono was badly damaged in the process. The beach was hit with giant waves and returned it to it's barren state.

The Melding wiped Trasder Beach out of excistence.


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