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"You already killed Trasder and destroyed Gruissiono, you don't HAVE to do the ugly work, you WANT to do it"

Trasder was one of the Four Great Brothers. He was intelligent and built Gruissiono with help from his mask and the Gruissiono Matoran. He then let the Matoran come there. He was pursued by Bruhodag, though, and in the end Bruhodag locked all the Matoran of Gruissiono away and blew up Gruissiono along with Trasder.


Trasder was created by the Great Beings as one of the Four Great Brothers. Trasders life guarded the Holy Seal and especially Gruissiono.

Trasder founded the whole city of Gruissiono, using his mask to help him build it. The Matoran of Gruissiono also helped. When the city was ready, Trasder went to live in the Gruissiono Control Building.

One day Trasder received a message from Zalayon, just before he had died. The message warned Trasder. And very soon after that, Gruissiono too received a threatening message. It ordered the Matoran to build the Prison Cave and hide there, because the city would be destroyed. Trasder, fearing for the security of the Matoran, ordered them to do as was told. The Prison Cave was built. The messae also stated that Trasder must leave outside. Trasder did this.

That's when Bruhodag attacked. The battle between him and Trasder was long and hard. In the last moments the fight lead them into the very heart of the Gruissiono Control Building. There Bruhodag activated his Mask of Invulnerability and destroyed the building's controls. Whole Gruissiono got destroyed and so did Trasder.


Trasder is honored by the Matoran of Gruissiono through various statues, they're building in the rebuilt Gruissiono city.

Abilities and Traits[]

Trasder was very intelligent and learnt fast. He was also fairly agile and knew some good fighting moves. He always felt it was his lifes task to protect Gruissiono and it's Matoran from all harm. He was also very gentle. As all of the Four Great Brothers, Trasder had limited powers of telepathy.

Mask and Tools[]

Trasder wore the Mask of Creation, which gave him great building plans. This mask was the same type as Artakha's. Trasder had no primary tool.


  • Trasder was the second one of the Four Great Brothers to get killed by his enemy.
  • Trasder had heard about the death of Zalayon earlier, and so could prepare to fight. Trasder was the hardest to kill after Zuxan.
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