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Pre-Order of Mata Nui

Transa TA

Post Order of Mata Nui

Transa J97

Stiletto dagger, Pistole

Transa (or, her codename within the Dark Hunters, Stiletto) is a Vortixx Order of Mata Nui agent sent to infiltrate the Dark Hunters.


Transa, like all other Vortixx, originated on the island of Xia and made a steady living selling weapons, mainly to underground rebels and drug cartels.

At some point during her life in her homeland, she and another male of her species climed the Mountain, and she emerged at the top. However, she soon realised that it was a mistake climbing the peak in the first place. She found that several members of the cartel she once supplied were waiting for her, fully armed. They knocked her out cold, and dumped her body into the sea.

When she woke up, she was in a large infirmary, where several beings who claimed to be members of the "Order of Mata Nui" were tending to her wounds. When she was well enough to move about, she found that she was on a blistering hot island known as Daxia, the headquarters of the Order.

She was told that she had washed up on their beach, half-dead, and, instead of killing her, the Order had brought her in to be a member, seeing as she had quite a reputation on Xia.

Months of vigorous training took place for her, where she honed her skills at close and ranged combat, favoring a stiletto dagger and pistole shotgun pistol. After thousands of years of spending time as an Order member, she was sent by Helryx to be one of the Order's spies in the Dark Hunter organization.

She infiltrated their ranks, taking on the codename "Stiletto", in reference toher weapon of choice.

She is currently at the Dark Hunter base on Odina.

Abilities and Traits[]

Transa has a bit of an odd personality. One moment, she can be gentel and caring, the other, violent and angry. But, overall, she is a rightous being, whic complicaes her role in the DHs even more.

While posessing no powers, Transa has incredible agility and speed, and her added armor aids with her streingth as well.


Transa carries a stiletto dagger, capable of ripping through soid Protodermis, and she also wields a pistole firearm, capable of killing most beings with one shot, at close range. As well, her boots have high heals with a razor-sharp point.


Strength: 14
Agility: 20
Toughness: 15
Mind: 14


  • Her post-OOMN form was made by J97, while her pre-OOMN from was made by ToaAtraks.
  • She is a collaboration MOC between J97 and Atraks.