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Torak (Toa Roden)
Torak (Toa Roden) P-01
Dark Hunter agent
Laser Vision, limited Invulnerability
Magma Scythe, various mechanical upgrades

Torak (a.k.a. "The Reaper") is an abrasive, somewhat paradoxical Skakdi of Fire, and an elite Dark Hunter agent.


Torak's history prior to his joining the Dark Hunter organization is largely unknown. He is assumed to have led a life-style similar to that of most Skakdi, with combat and survival playing an important role in his psychological existence.

At some point, Torak was recruited by the Dark Hunters and trained in sabotage, hostage negotiation, assassination, and various other combat-related subjects. Over the following decades, he gained a widespread reputation as an efficient and capable agent, but made few friends among the organization's members.

He is known to have played a role in the Toa/Dark Hunter War, possibly as a battlefield general or saboteur.

Personality and Traits[]

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Strength: 13
Agility: 10
Toughness: 13
Mind: 10

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Powers and Equipment[]

Torak possesses limited elemental powers of Fire, but can only fully activate them in conjunction with another member of his own species. They do, however, grant him the ability to withstand intense heat and/or flame.

In addition to his elemental abilities, Torak is able to access limited powers of Invulnerability. These powers are able to momentarily protect him from all physical harm, but require a fairly long recharge time of approximately sixty seconds for each second in use. If Torak is in an enraged state, however, the recharge time can drop to as little as five seconds.

Torak also possesses Laser Vision and, as a result of mechanical upgrades, enhanced senses of hearing and night vision. An additional mechanical upgrade, consisting of a gun-like apparatus implanted in his skull, allows him to channel his auric rage into a powerful energy blast and fire it at an opponent via the aforementioned gun-like apparatus. This energy blast causes an extremely painful burning sensation in the victim's nervous system, usually with paralyzing effects. Depending on the size and mental strength of the victim, the pain will then slowly diminish, eventually disappearing entirely, within a period of several minutes to over an hour.

Torak's favored melee weapon is the Magma Scythe, the blade of which is capable of bursting into intense flame when ordered to do so by its user. An interesting item of note is the fact that although the Magma Scythe will obey the commands of a being other than Torak, it has never unleashed its full potential in the hands of someone other than its original master. Why it refuses to do so is unknown, although it is possible that the Scythe possesses a small amount of artificial intelligence, similar to that of the Kanohi Kraahkan, which allows it to identify its wielder.


"[Torak] slouched against the wall just inside the doorway, muscular arms folded across his chest. He was fairly tall, of rugged build, and his heavy jaw and smouldering eyes marked him as a Skakdi, although he lacked several of the reptilian characteristics generally associated with the species. His red and black armor was without decoration or frills of any sort, but obviously of fine quality and much use, as was the scarlet-bladed scythe strapped to his back."
―Narrator, Fate Unknown [src]


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  • Although one of Phyrrus362's characters, a male Skakdi of Water, also possesses the name 'Torak', this is purely coincidental; Toa Roden had selected his character's name and species several weeks prior to learning of the existence of Phyrrus362's character.