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Tor the Great

Tor is a fictional character in the YouTube series "The Empire" (created by DragoStudios/Dragomatic). He plays the role of a Spinaxian mercenary.

Tor (Dragomatic)
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Tor is one of the many Spinaxians who watched the Fall of the Lord. Before this, they were a nomadic species, not welcome in Galla or Unhen, due to their violent nature. After this, though they still are a nomadic race, they are now welcome with open arms to come to Galla. Tor was one of those who decided to live in the city, but since he had no, uh. . . education, he couldn't find a job in the post-disaster city. So he turned to the only thing that he could do. Which is illegal trading. He traded illegal and stolen weaponry to the Rebels, who had just formed and were in need of weapons. He had a partner, an unnamed Spinaxian, who was caught by Vamprah when the Empire discovered who had been supplying the Rebels. Tor managed to escape, and days later watched the public punishment for his friend (the removal of his hand, followed by the removal of an eye). Tor no longer dealed weaponry, so he turned to his last resort. Becoming a mercenary. Most of his jobs consisted of capturing Rahi and criminals for the Arena Alpha. After years, he became a highly feared figure in the Empire, with stories about him even reaching the far north, where the Minifig

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Kingdom was positioned. About 4,500 years ago, while visiting the Arena too see how some his "trophies" were doing, he saw a fight which involved Teeran. When Teeran easily won, Tor saw him as a possiple partner, and that night broke him out of his prison. Later, he was attacked by a Skrall mercenary named Meer. Thanks to a Zesk named Deras, Tor, Teeran, and Deras overpowered Meer, but instead of killing him, Tor offered him the choice to either join them and make a Trio of Mercenaries (Deras is not a mercenary) or die. Of course, Meer accepted and now all three travel the Between Lands, soldiers for hire, waiting for their next job.

Tools and Abilities[]

Tor carries a simple sword and has amazing eyesight, to the point where he can see up to eight miles of landscape in complete darkness. Also, an ability his entire species has is the fact that they make a sound loud enough to shatter even the strongest protosteel.


According to DragoStudios, Tor will NOT show up in Season 1, but will show up in Season 2. He has also hinted that he might have an appearance in Season 3, if the reveiws are good and a Season 3 is possible.


  • Tor was created by YouTube member DragoStudios/Dragomatic.
  • Tor hates most of his fellow species because he finds them to violent.