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The Tongues is a language and an element that the Great Old Ones, Elders, and Toa of Tongues can fluently speak and understand. When used as an element and is spoken in a sequence, it can perform the actions that were spoken, such as bringing objects to the speaker or repelling something away.


The Tongues was created by Azathoth as an indicative language to communicate with the Elders, other Great Old Ones, and Toa of Tongues. Only 8 Toa of Tongues exist, which only one named Ellipsi resided on Kaidan Magna. The Elders are a race directly created by Azathoth to eradicate other races and gain information about other races and planets. This would lead to the creation of the Elder Council, an organization that consists entirely of Elders as members and one of Azathoth's special forces.


The language as a communicative device is common, with entire galaxies able to understand the language, The most common and well-known phrase in the Tongues is "Hrosha Azathoth", which translates to "Hail Mighty Azathoth" and combined with placing your fist across your chest and then raising it with the pointer and middle fingers extended will give the "Salute of Death", Azathoth's Army's signature salute. Many societies have learned the Tongues by being assimilated into Azathoth's Army, which spreads the language to other cultures. Using the language as an element is exclusive to Toa of Tongues, Elders, and the Great Old Ones, and is one of the most powerful elements along with Void and every Spectrum Element. When used by someone who knows the language elementally, then it can perform the actions spoken.

Known Users

Ellipsi- A Toa of Tongues and member of the Toa Kaitiaki

7 Unnamed Toa of Tongues- Other Toa that live at unknown locations across the universe. One is speculated to live on Ghroth, a living planet and superweapon for Azathoth's Army

V'erros- An Elder who is cursed as a catalyst for Azathoth

Elysium- The leader of the Four Horsemen and Spirit of Conquest, he learned how to use the Tongues from Somnium, an Elder and assistant of Nyarlathotep


The Tongues is an homage to the Dragon language in the Elder Scrolls franchise. However, the Tongues functions by speaking words in the language and it is performed, while the Dragon language has set Shouts and is restricted to the Shouts only as far as I know.